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5 Common Misconceptions About Nuru Massage

A lot is said about massages, especially sensual massages like Nuru. Unfortunately, there’s little to no truth to what most people believe about massage therapy, and it’s holding them back from fulfilling experiences and discoveries. Well, that ends today as we help dispel some common misconceptions about Nuru massage. Read on to learn more.

What Is Nuru Massage?

To understand the beliefs and misconceptions surrounding Nuru massage, you must know what it’s all about. So, Nuru massage is a sensual massage involving full-body contact between a masseuse or masseur and a client while fully naked and coated in Nuru gel or oil. 

The practice traces its origin to Japan and involves silky sliding and gliding by the masseuse or masseur. In fact, the word Nuru means slippery in Japan. 

That said, here are the misconceptions:

1. Nuru Massage Is All Sexual

Yes, Nuru massage is highly sensual. However, there’s more to it than sexual stimulation. It’s one of the most wholesome massage techniques. It works on different muscles simultaneously and triggers various emotions. Unlike other massages where the hands do all the work, a Nuru masseuse or masseur uses their entire body to massage yours.

The weight and touch of their skin on yours, as they glide around tactfully, helps relieve muscle tension, calm nerves, and awaken your sensual energy. As a result, clients enjoy optimum relaxation, explore their eroticism, and enjoy holistic healing. Not forgetting the cool moisturizing effect of Nuru gel on the skin. 

2. Only Men Get Nuru Massages

The overly sensual nature of Nuru massage is probably the reason behind this assumption. However, while it may be true that men form a big percentage of the clientele, Nuru massage is available for both genders and other sexual orientations. A good number of women not only go for Nuru massages but enjoy every bit of the body-to-body slide and glide. Heck! Some people even go for massages with their partners.

3. Nuru Masseuses Are Prostitutes

Simply because the masseuses and masseurs are nude and use their bodies to massage clients doesn’t mean they have questionable morals. It takes skill, practice, professionalism, and discipline to provide quality services consistently. Nuru massage specialists are well-trained and perform their services respectfully. In turn, they expect the same level of respect from all their clients.

Therefore, if you book a Nuru massage session expecting intercourse from the masseuse or masseur, you may be disappointed. Most specialists spell out the rules of engagement before you start. They’ll tell you the do’s and don’ts, and ask about your expectations and boundaries.

The way Nuru masseuses and masseurs work their bodies to provide deep healing and sensual gratification without intercourse or orgasm is more than you’ll get from a prostitute. Therefore, equating their service to that of a hooker is disrespectful.

4. Getting a Nuru Massage Is Cheating

Some people view Nuru and other forms of erotic massage as adultery, which shouldn’t be the case since the exercise focuses on the body’s relaxation, exploration, and healing. Thus, it can help people with intimacy issues to become better lovers and build deeper connections with their partners.

Also, a Nuru masseuse or masseur can guide you to discover untapped sensual energies and pleasures that’ll improve your sex life, performance, and experience. Overall, Nuru massage could save your relationship. Hence, you should try and convince your partner to take couple massages.

5. Nuru Massage Isn’t Safe

Lastly, there’re people concerned about the safety of Nuru massage. Some believe the Nuru gel could cause skin infections, others worry about contracting health infections like HIV during the massage, and there are those who fear the physical positioning of the massage can be catastrophic when someone slides and falls. 

While it’s good to be cautious, the concerns above don’t hold any ground. First, Nuru gel is a thick, odourless, massage oil made from seaweed. It’s one of the safest massage oils for different skin types. However, if you’re concerned about an allergy or skin condition, tell your masseuse or masseur. They’ll know exactly what to do—including doing a skin patch test and possibly using another massage oil.

Secondly, Nuru massage doesn’t involve any exchange of body fluids. Therefore, the chances of contracting HIV and other diseases are very slim. Plus, the masseuses and masseurs are cautious and take measures to avoid situations that might lead to health risks. For instance, they always maintain high levels of hygiene.

Thirdly, Nuru massage experts avoid the risk of falling from a massage table by using a bed or air mattress. The two options provide more surface area and better stability.


What other assumptions prevent you from experiencing the magic of Nuru massage therapy? Tell us about them. We’ll be happy to break down the truth for you. We don’t want you to miss the physical, psychological, and sensual benefits of Nuru massage because of misconceptions.

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