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Booking Terms

You need to carefully read the following terms, in order to enjoy an absolutely delightful experience of Tantric massage, exclusively at Gold Tantric London. We have highlighted the process in which we expect our services to be used. By requesting a tantric massage at Gold Tantric London, you completely acknowledge, approve and accept to follow the Gold Tantric London’s Terms as described in detail below:


When you have decided on which tantric massage type you’d like to enjoy and selected your tantric masseuse, then you are only one step away from getting an outstanding tantric massage experience. We just need the following information:

1) If you want to enjoy a tantric massage at one of Gold Tantric London’s most luxurious, clean, private and professional locations (In Call Booking) then we will ask you for:

a) Your first name and a phone number to stay in contact with you.

2) When you inquire about an Out Call Booking, then you need to provide following information:

a) Your complete name, including first and last name. When you want our tantric masseuse to come in your hotel room, then you need to provide the name that you registered in hotel records.

b) You need to provide the complete Out Call address of your private residence or luxury Central London hotel you’re booked in.

c) For an Out Call Booking Confirmation in a hotel room, then we need the room number associated with your name.

d) In the case of Out Call Tantric Massage services, it is important to provide access arrangements and all details, in order for your bespoke tantric massage therapist can come directly to your room or apartment. If there is special requirements or instructions to access the building or hotel, then you need to receive your tantric masseuse from the lobby or contact reception to allow access to the masseuse.

It is important to convey that we at Gold Tantric London care about your privacy and personal details, so you can expect complete discretion and feel secure, as we promise to provide all of our services confidentially, clearly stated in our PRIVACY POLICY.

If you would like to enjoy an outstanding tantric massage experience, exclusively at Gold Tantric London, then you must agree to the term given below:


Gold Tantric London has a strict policy for age groups with people less than 18 years old, not being allowed to book our tantric massage services. Make sure you are an adult and above 18 years of age if you wish to enjoy a tantric massage from our professional tantric massage therapists.

Soliciting is strictly discouraged. You must know that soliciting is illegal and we also do not tolerate it, it goes against our terms of providing tantric massage services.


1) Gold Tantric London has strictly enforced the transaction of full payment in advance. We follow this policy for all customers; whether new or regular. You need to transfer the funds immediately when the masseuse arrives at your location. There are no particular discounts, our rates are fixed and we do not provide partial refunds or any type of reductions, once we have agreed on payment for attaining our tantric massage services.

2) Foreign Currencies

The charges for our services have been clearly listed in GBP (pound sterling). If under some circumstances, you wish to pay for our services in a currency other than GBP, whether it is full payment or partial payment in foreign currency, you need to pay a 10% surcharge based on your booking charges. By doing this, we ensure that when the masseuses covert the foreign currency into GBP, then they do not have to pay extra in exchange fees.


Gold Tantric London reserve the right to decline any requests from people who are overly intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. We cannot provide or send our professional tantric masseuses to these customers or in other words, they cannot enjoy our tantric massage services. The purpose of this policy also covers the situation where you have requested for an Out Call Tantric Massage service and our beautiful tantric masseuses, upon their arrival at the location, notices that you are over drunk, then your booking will be considered cancelled, but you still have to pay full fee due to this cancellation. Gold Tantric London follows a strict and zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol usage. If we find out any trace of drug use at Out Call Central London location or at our tantric massage therapists location, we hold the right to cancel the session immediately, with no refundable payment.


Please make sure to contact us yourself, in order to get our services; we promise to provide you with complete confidentiality. It is not possible to get our services via a third party. But there are some exceptions, like if the person is disabled or needs a translator due to the language barrier. Even if two or more people request multiple masseuses at the same time, then they still need to provide the name and contact details of each individual.


Our knowledgeable tantric massage specialists at Gold Tantric London are determined to deliver an excellent tantric massage experience to their valued customers. Don’t hesitate to ask for details about what the session you booked includes. Show mutual respect for our masseuses! If you do not know or you are unsure about something, then immediately contact Gold Tantric London before you book for a tantric massage session; our delighted, professional and friendly receptionist will be more than happy to arrange a bespoke tantric massage session.

Kindly Note; We are strictly a Tantric Massage company in London!


All of our exceptional tantric masseuses at Gold Tantric London can ask you to have a shower before your tantric massage session starts, to ensure that you can have an awesome experience of tantric massage session is perfectly clean conditions. Please remember that the time spent taking shower is also counted as part of your tantric massage session.


Make sure you provide a proper place for your selected tantric masseuse to offer you a memorable tantric massage experience in perfectly clean conditions.

Kindly note: spectators are strictly not allowed during a tantric massage session.


You should provide facilities like access to a bathroom to your bespoke tantric massage therapist if it is an Out Call Tantric Massage service. Likewise, you can also use these facilities at Gold Tantric London therapists more luxurious, clean and private locations throughout Central London.


Time is precious, so make sure you arrive on time for your In Call Tantric Massage session, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, then it may result in cancellation.

We also try our best to be punctual, but we will inform you in case of any unforeseen events.


If a customer wishes to cancel an appointment, then he must notify us as soon as possible or at least 30 minutes before his session. In case of multiple cancellations, we hold the right to reject future requests. The standard cancellation fee is £50!


The customer must pay the cancellation fee of £50, if any delays longer than 30 minutes occur when he books an In Call Tantric Massage session. In case of an Out Call Tantric Massage service, the customer needs to pay £50 cancellation fee before the start of the session, otherwise, the session will be considered cancelled and another £50 cancellation fee will be added.


The masseuses and Gold Tantric London team reserve the right to decline to provide tantric massage services based on a number of factors. Like, if the client was reported to show physical, verbal, behavioural or electronic communication abuse, then we will definitely not tolerate this.