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Let go of your inhibitions and choose a foot fetish massage

What is a foot fetish? People who have a foot fetish, also known as podophilia, are sexually attracted to feet. They may regard feet to be a crucial aspect of sexual enjoyment since they provide sexual pleasure. 

What to do if you have a foot fetish

Your foot fetish can be explored with or without a sexual partner. One approach to get started on your own is to look for photographs or videos of feet online.

Telling your sexual partner about your fetish is the first step if you have one. It's understandable if you're hesitant to bring it up. Experts on sexuality advise setting aside time to talk about it without interruptions. Make sure to discuss your sexual wants as well as the good things about your partnership.

- If you and your lover want to try out a foot fetish, here are some suggestions:

- A foot massage can be given or received.

- Sucking on toes is a fun way to pass the time.

- Kissing the soles of the feet

- Taking turns washing one other's feet

- Getting a pedicure is a great way to relax and unwind.

- Sending your partner photographs of your feet

- A foot job can be given or received (stimulating the genitals using the feet)

Foot fetish vs. Shoe fetish

Some persons who have a foot fetish like to walk about barefoot, and others wear socks or shoes. Someone who has a shoe fetish, also known as retifism, finds the feet in shoes, or even the boots themselves, sensual and sexually satisfying.

They could like a specific type of shoe, such as sandals, or they might just like shoes in general. People who have a shoe fetish may enjoy the following activities:

 - wearing shoes oneself

 - watching others wear shoes 

- using shoes for sexual fulfillment

Some people have a shoe obsession as well as a foot fetish.

People who have these fetishes may also have more distinct tastes. Some people want their feet and shoes to be clean, while others prefer to be dirty or sweaty.

What to expect from a foot fetish massage at Gold Tantric London

Foot fetish massage in London is a veritable celebration of ladies' fabulous feet. Many gentlemen are enamored by the smooth, slender foot and love the opportunity to admire and worship pretty pedicured feet. It is well known that women's feet, especially when in high heels, stockings, and with great painted toenails, are highly erotic and very sensual.

With Gold Tantric London, you can cherish those super sweet therapist feet. The sensual and warm sensations you will feel as your masseuse manipulates the authentic sensual massage with her perfectly manicured feet will bring you to a state of complete euphoria. This novel Foot Fetish Massage will create waves of ecstatic pleasure rippling throughout your torso and will transport you to a state of pure arousal. With a concoction of body-to-body massage moves and foot-to-body massage, your masseuse's warm hands and fabulous feet will bring you to a place of harmony and deep relaxation.

Explore your foot fetish at Gold Tantric London

Foot Fetish Massage London - if female foot massage fascinates you, then here is what you are looking for. It involves the masseuse using her feet and legs to erotically massage your body and most erogenous zones while you smell, kiss, and caress hers.

There are several erogenous zones on the feet: the hollow under the ankle, the soles, and the bottoms of big toes.

Gold Tantric Massage London is proud to be one of London's most prestigious tantric massage agencies. We have many returning customers who love what we do, and we promise you will too!

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