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Gold Tantric

Tantric Massage Services

4 Hands Massage

We are ready to offer the best 4 Hands massage in London!

4 hands Massage London – this massage involves two goddesses at your service, massaging your body simultaneously with slow movements. Expertly holding you on the edge of arousal, pampering, teasing and caressing every inch of you, creating the most intense happy ending, which will lead you into an infinite loop of pleasure. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute of tantric massage London, by providing the luxury, utterly professional and confidentially 4 hands massage experience. That’s a fact!

Aqua Massage

Do you feel bored, alone or stressed?

Aqua Massage London – the aqua massage is a wonderful cleansing ritual, performed by our elite masseuses naked using bathing oils, either in a warm and steamy shower or in the bubbles of the bath. Our gorgeous therapists offer you an unforgettable tantric massage London experience, by combining elements of classical therapeutic, sensual and tantric massage. With a gentle soapy lather, your body will feel refreshed and invigorated from head to toe. It’s a fantastic way to relax after a hard day and to leave all the stresses behind you.Awaken your sensuality and experience superior sensual massage pleasure with the Gold Aqua Massage – termed in the USA as a ‘Soapy Massage.’

Body to Body Massage & Full Body Massage

Body to body massage London

Gold Tantric London is proud to be one of London’s most prestigious tantric massage London agencies. We provide body to body massage sessions for men, ladies & couples.

Relaxation is essential to have a fully rewarding experience. Let yourself carried away by our masseuses and enjoy all unique moments! Forget about your worries and stress, forget about things that put enormous pressure on you and love this tantric experience at maximum intensity! Always keep in mind that the body to body massage therapy is all about improving and refining your sexual energy, not losing it. Also, a sensual massage makes you more aware of your body while allowing you to be attentive towards the needs and wants of your body.

Yoni Tantric Massage

Massage for Women in London

Also known as female tantric massage London, this is the perfect way for the woman to simply connect with their own sensuality and to get away from the stresses of life. We happily welcome women of all sexual persuasions, be that straight, gay, bi or bi-curious, as we believe it’s a pure ritual of feminine divinity and erotic connectivity between women. Indulge yourself into a little pampering with soft caresses, which will lead you to a level of erotic arousal and unconditional pleasure. When you get a female tantric massage, the professional masseuse is going to touch most of your body. Getting the most out of your massage treatment takes communication between both the client and the therapist to achieve your session goals.

Double Pleasure Massage

Double Pleasure Massage in London

Double Pleasure Massage London – double the sensual indulgence for a happy beginning too in your session, not only a happy ending, because sometimes orgasm is just.. not enough! Get rid of all of that tension and feeling on top of the world!

The majority of people believe that a lingam massage simply involves the Masseuse arousing the male client and hurriedly bringing him to a state of sexual climax. Much like a ‘rub and tug massage.’ On the contrary, our Double Pleasure Massage London specialists have a very spiritual, affectionate and Tantric approach to this form of adult massage therapy. Connecting with another human being through the Art of seductive massage touch is most certainly the necessary tonic of our time. The body’s desire to be touched is a fundamental need. Massage nourishes the body and calms the mind. It brings healing and immense pleasure to one’s life.

Foot Fetish Massage

Foot fetish massage London for a tantra experience

We’re proud to have one of the best foot fetish massage London has to offer. We are a massage agency with a selection of beautiful and talented masseuses who are ready to take care of you!

Foot Fetish Massage London – if female foot massage fascinates you, then here is what you are looking for. It involves the masseuse using her feet and legs to erotically massage your body and most erogenous zones, while you smell, kiss and caress hers. There are a number of erogenous zones on the feet: the hollow under the ankle, the soles and the bottoms of big toes.

Mutual Touching Massage

The best mutual tantric massage in London

Mutual Touching Massage in London – it’s allowing you to put your hands all over the body of a beautiful masseuse, sensually caress and massage her, including the intimates zones. This is the perfect way to intensify the experience, as not only does it gives you an ultimate buzz, it gives the receiving masseuse one too.

Try our exclusive Mutual Touching Massage and allow yourself to be taken away in a world full of erotic delights, excitement and pure bliss, pampered by our beautiful models. We recommend this kind of session for those who like to give a massage, in order to learn something new and to receive a tantric massage at the same time.

Nuru Massage

Professional Nuru Massage in London

Nuru massage, offered by Gold Tantric London which is proud to be one of London’s most prestigious Nuru massage London agencies. We provide the Nuru massage experience for men, ladies & couples.

Nuru massage London – a Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese type of “slide massage”, using an organic, slippery gel made from nori seaweed. Our goddess masseuses will slide their nude body over yours, stimulating erotic desires, culminated in the most unforgettable happy ending and leaving you satisfied and an unconditional pleasure! The technique requires one or more Nuru masseuses to rub their body against the client’s body after both parties are nude and covered with an odourless and tasteless massage lotion. The word originates from the Japanese language and means “slippery/smooth.”

Professional Couples Massage

We focus on different states of energy to intensify your feelings

We focus on different states of energy to intensify your feelings and to encourage deep relaxation and pure happiness, by using the best techniques of body to body massage, our highly skilled and beautiful therapists can provide the most amazing and relaxing tantric massage experience to you. With a relaxing and comfortable experience, you can also find some of the most professional tantric experiences with our Gold Tantric massage services in London. If you are searching for one of the best massage agencies for an unforgettable tantric massage session with highly experienced masseuses, Gold Tantric is the Elite Tantric Massage agency London can afford.

Prostate Massage


Prostate massage in London is performed by the therapists from Gold Tantric massage London which has vehemently assured its reputation for being the most professional, responsible, discreet type of massage concept in this absolute tantric body to body massage era.

Prostate massage is also known as ‘The Sacred Spot’ Massage. Tantric philosophy views the male G-Spot as the man’s emotional sexual centre. We recommend the prostate massage to those who want to explore their senses and intensify their tantric experience.

Tie and Tease Massage

We focus on different states of energy to intensify your feelings

This unforgettable dominatrix style of massage, allows you to surrender your power completely and to let yourself teased and dominated by a stunning woman. Our masseuses will take absolute control of you and you shall have to obey every command. Lose yourself and embrace your desires! The

Happy Ending Massage


A happy ending massage allows you to unlock the potentials of self-empowerment while enriching your life by magnetizing the energy and pure enlightenment of mind, body and soul. We provide happy ending massage sessions for men, ladies & couples.

A happy ending massage has many benefits for the body, and it can even help with premature ejaculation. You’re probably thinking what possible psychological benefits are there for a happy massage? Well, there are a few that may surprise you and that will more than likely make you want to get one.

Tantric Massage


Tantric massage is a physical act of touch that aims to enlighten those interacting in it, through harnessing sexual energy in the body. We have developed our own version of tantric massage: an exquisite blissful whole body massage which helps the body, mind and spirit, and which is intensely pleasurable, relaxing and energising. Massage is not only about the relaxation of your body and mind but it is about a beautiful experience that helps you to get rid of all kinds of stress and tension in your life. You may have a desire for a tantric body to body massage as an essential experience in your life. If you are looking for any of such of professional services, it will be better to take a look at all types of tantric massage London, as an Elite Tantric massage agency in London. Our tantric massage therapy is available for men, women and couples.

Couples Massage in London

Couples Massage in London – Have You Ever Tried It?

If you and your partner wish to connect as one in the ecstatic bliss of tantra and reignite your spark, then a tantric massage could be exactly what you are looking for. The couples massage therapy is often the key to a long lasting sex life for many partners, allowing the sensual energies to flow again. Awaken the most powerful desires, completely and explore the magical art of tantra- the ultimate pleasure to enjoy, together!

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تفخر شركة GOLD TANTRIC MASSAGE LONDON بكونها واحدة من أرقى وكالات مساج التانترا في لندن ، حيث نقدم تجربة تدليك مثالية للرجال والسيدات والأزواج. يمكن أن يوفر لك معالجو تدليك التانترا أفضل تجربة وأكثرها روعة.

نحن وكالة تدليك التانترا الأكثر شهرة وحصافة وجديرة بالثقة والمهنية في لندن. سنلبي رغبتك تمامًا في السرية ونعدك بتقديم خدمة ممتازة لك.

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