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Prostate Massage In London

Welcome to the Leading Prostate Massage Agency in London

We provide professional prostate massage therapy to our esteemed clients for pleasure and healing. Our masseuses are ready to help you explore the extremes of your sensuality and unleash the erotic energy in your prostate. Give us a call or send an email today to book.

Enjoy a Blissful and Fulfilling Prostate Massage From Gorgeous and Skilled Masseuses

Prostate massage therapy is one of the most intense erotic services at Gold Tantric London. That’s because it centres around a highly sensitive and sensual area.

The massage involves massaging the prostate gland, a walnut-sized organ located inside the male pelvis area—a few inches above the rectum and right below the penis. It helps in the production of semen.

Our professional masseuse can massage your prostate in two ways—externally or internally. The external massage is indirect and focuses on the perineum which is the area between the scrotum and the anus. Usually, it’s hard to feel the prostate gland, however, you’ll know it’s the right spot when you start to feel like you want to pee.

The internal massage option is direct and involves the masseuse inserting their finger or sex toy inside the anus to reach the prostate. It’s on the front wall of the rectal lining and feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue.

Our prostate massage therapists are fully trained and have more than 4 years of experience providing satisfactory services. They understand the importance of preparation in achieving maximum pleasure. Especially when you consider some practices may be new to some clients.

They take time to discuss the different aspects of prostate massage with the client and outline the limits of the client’s comfort. Then, they’ll ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed before they start to work their magic. Usually, they’ll ease your muscles with a tantric massage and slowly move to the prostate.

The slow build-up helps to stimulate the entire body and causes a pleasing orgasmic sensation. And, since your body is more relaxed, you’re able to release yourself to the euphoric pleasure and explore the full sensual potential of a prostate massage. The masseuses focus fully on your reaction to every touch and rub of the prostate and respond accordingly.

The prostate has numerous blood vessels which swell with increased blood flow in the body. As a result, it becomes more sensitive and leads to mind-blowing prostate stimulation.

Prostate Massage Precautions

At Gold Tantric London, we ensure our massage services are safe and satisfactory. So, we’re very cautious when giving sensitive massages like the prostate massage. Here are some of the measures put in place by the agency for your protection:

  • As mentioned earlier the masseuse prepares you physically and psychologically for the massage with a key emphasis on open communication throughout the exercise.
  • The masseuses wash their hands thoroughly with soap before the massage.
  • Our masseuses usually keep their nails trimmed to avoid scratching and injuring the soft tissue around your prostate. Be it internally or externally.
  • The masseuses use a lube specifically for anal play and come prepared with latex gloves too.
  • As the receiver of the prostate massage, you should empty your bladder and bowel before the massage. Also, clean up well.

The Benefits of Our Prostate Massage

If you need a reason to book our prostate massage therapy service, here are the top 3:

Sensual Sensations

The erotic gratification from prostate massage is more widespread and intense. It captures your entire body and mind and triggers new orgasmic sensations. The experience is quite enlightening and more fulfilling than the normal sexual climax.

Help to Improve Urine Flow

If you have a problem with your urine flow, chances are you have a swollen prostate. In that case, a prostate massage can ease the swelling and relieve the pressure on the urethra, leading to better urine flow.

Helps to Treat Prostatitis

Regular prostate massage can ease the pressure and swelling of your prostate gland thus healing prostatitis—faster.

Why You Should Book Your Prostate Massage at Gold Tantric

Now that you know the benefits of a prostate massage, we want to tell you why our prestigious agency is the best to work with.

We Have the Most Qualified Masseuses London Wide

Prostate massage is highly sensitive. Therefore, it needs knowledgeable, skilled, trustworthy, and patient masseuses. Our agency is filled with them and they’re eagerly waiting to give you a memorable experience. Whether it’s your first prostate massage or you’ve been disappointed by other agencies, we’re here to help you explore unimaginable prostate sensations.

We’re Located All Over London

Our masseuses are found in different locations around London. You can easily get to them for incall services or they can come to you for outcalls. Note that the masseuses’ residences are luxurious, discreet, and safe. Check out our comprehensive list of locations below. Our gorgeous masseuse might just be in your neighbourhood.

Fast and Easy Booking

To book our prostate massage therapists is simple and straightforward. You can do it online, or reach out to our reception through call, email, or WhatsApp. All we need are your details and your preferred masseuse from the ones in our gallery. It takes very little time to confirm the booking and schedule the prostate massage.