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Mixing Business and Pleasure

Amber had just landed back in London from her three weeks business trip when she got the message from her lawyer. The divorce was finalised. She didn’t care for the rest of the message, at least not at that moment. She felt relieved but was disappointed it hadn’t worked out between them. 

Her friends thought she had held on way too long, and they were right. Well, it was officially over. She didn’t know what the future had in store for her but was eager to find out—hoping cupid deals her better cards. Until then, she needed some deep relaxation and lots of pampering. It was a weekend, so she didn’t have to worry about submitting her report until Monday.

She got a cab that took her straight to the hotel. Her room was on the 6th floor at the end of the hallway. It was fresh, relaxing, and luxurious. She loved its floor-to-ceiling windows and balcony overlooking London’s skyline. In fact, the first thing she did after walking in was to slide the door to the balcony and walk into the cool breeze blowing across the city. 

She went to bed late and slept immediately due to fatigue. She woke up half past midday, freshened up, and checked her itinerary. First, she called the front desk and ordered some food. Next, she contacted the massage agency to confirm her evening session—it was the main reason she’d booked the staycation instead of going home.

They told her the masseuse will arrive at 3:00 PM. She thanked the lady on the other end and hung up when she heard a knock on the door. Room service had brought her meal. She let them in, and they set everything nicely. It was sizzling hot, the way she liked it, and delicious. She’d missed the local cuisine.

After she was done, room service came to clear the dishes, and she relaxed on the couch, waiting for the masseuse. She had requested a tantric massage after her friend suggested it. Hopefully, the chakras work wonders for her. She wanted to loosen up and tap into unexplored energies and peace. 

Her friend said tantric massage would rejuvenate her core and reawaken the dormant energies. She couldn’t wait for the masseuse to arrive. It was her first time with a masseuse, so she didn’t know what to expect. However, she made sure to pick a beautiful, petite lady with dreamy eyes, short hair, and lovely pair of B-cups.

Also, she had the best reviews. Her previous clients had a lot of praise for the magical touch of her hands. She hoped to get the same treatment or even better. Fortunately, the hotel had a massage table. So, the only thing missing was the masseuse.

Finally, she arrived. Amber was busy scrolling through social media and uploading photos of her trip when she knocked on the door. They exchanged pleasantries and engaged in small talk before the masseuse explained the art of tantric massage in depth. She talked about the history, how it’s done, and the benefits. Then, she asked her about any reservations she might have.

Amber opened up about her expectations, boundaries, and anything else she didn’t understand. The talk was therapeutic as she felt a sense of calm in the masseuse’s presence. She listened keenly without interrupting. So far, it was perfect.

Next, the masseuse set up everything and suggested they freshen up together. By now, she was excited and going with the flow. In the shower, her body got all the attention it deserved. The masseuse took her time washing every part of her body. The touch of her hands on her skin felt amazing. 

Her body warmed up, and she felt her lustful desires awaken. Then, her nipples gave her away. They rose to the occasion as if to draw the attention of whoever had resurrected them. The masseuse didn’t disappoint. She washed above and below the perky pair and touched them with care.

As she moved down her stomach, to her crotch, and over her curvy hips, Amber enjoyed the light rubs and caresses. She willingly spread her legs to expose her sweet spot for more access. It was only a matter of time before her juices started flowing. She felt the build-up and knew she had no control. 

She wanted to touch her to reciprocate but didn’t want to break the rules. So, she followed her lead and admired her nudeness. The masseuse focused on her body like an artist working on their masterpiece.

When she was done, she asked Amber to dry up and lie on the massage table, face down. She remained in the shower to clean up for a few minutes.

As she lay on the table, her body was calm and alive. 

“Ready?” the masseuse asked.

“I’m all yours,” she said.

Immediately, she felt the thick and warm massage oil touch her skin. The masseuse applied all over her backside and spread it out before starting to massage the upper side. She was deliberate with her pattern and moved slowly from one muscle to the next— making adjustments according to her response. Amber felt a lot of built-up tension leave her body, and she enjoyed every moment.

There was a distinct shift in energy when the masseuse proceeded to her lower back. Her body started to feel whole. Nerves around her back and ass came to life. The soft and firm touch on her glutes was enjoyable. 

“Do you like it?” the masseuse queried.

“Yeees!” she managed to reply. 

She wanted to tell her not to stop but couldn’t find her voice. Her butt cheeks were spread, and she could feel the cool air on her pucker hole. The erotic sensation left her tongue-tied. Her body was getting the attention it deserved and needed. She was happy and healing.

As the masseuse reached her inner thighs and rubbed gently on her warm vagina, she was fully aroused and drifting towards a sensual trance. It amazed her how she felt the energy all over. A lot was unravelling, and she was happy with every new discovery. 

She was a good receiver, and it was working well for her. The waves of pleasure were driving her crazy. And, just when she got to the brink of an orgasmic explosion, the masseuse asked her to turn around. 

She faced up, closed her eyes, and waited for more tantric magic. She had tried to process the out-of-body experience but failed. It was something she’d never felt before. The emotions overwhelmed her. But she liked every minute of it. 

Almost instantly, the massage oil hit her skin, followed by the now familiar hands. The exploration continued. This time, the masseuse involved her more and ensured they matched their breathing. Also, she opened her eyes and focused on the beautiful dreamy pair hovering above her. 

Now, with her sensual senses fully aroused, her body was nearing a release but didn’t seem to get there. She was in an unending edging mode. Her erogenous zones ached with need.

The massage on her chest and boobs turned up the fire within. It was almost overbearing. She lost it and let out a slow moan when she started to massage the top of her vaginal area. Her clit and vaginal lips were literally bulging. She massaged the sides briefly and continued to the thighs. At some point, Amber almost locked her thighs to trap the soft hands between them.

Her entire body was in an orgasmic trance and begging for a release. She was more alive than she’d ever been in her 39 years of living. 

Sensing her need, the masseuse finished working on the toes and moved her hand slowly to the soft inner thighs. Amber squirmed and moved her hips. The masseuse looked at her and smiled. 

She proceeded to massage her entire body from neck to toe, urging her to breathe slowly with her. To her surprise, her body started to cool down after a few repetitions. Eventually, the sensual energy subsided and left her feeling relaxed, freed, and nourished. For once, she was aware of her physical, emotional, and spiritual existence.

She lay on the massage table for a while to process what had happened. She was lost for words when the masseuse asked her how she felt.

“Thank you. I needed that,” was all she said.

She couldn’t think of a better way to start her new journey. As she bid the masseuse goodbye, she made a note to thank her friend who recommended Tantric massage.

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