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My Dinner Date Massage Experience

It had been a stressful week, jumping from one meeting to the next, chasing deadlines, and many other work-related issues. I couldn’t wait to leave the office and head home for the weekend. I had booked a dinner date message with my favourite masseuse and was eager to enjoy the experience.

At 5:00 PM, I was the first person out of the office, considering I’d logged out of my work computer an hour earlier. My workmates planned to meet at the local to enjoy a few drinks. I wasn’t for the idea because it usually ends with a crazy hangover the following day and zero recollection of how I got home. 

I switched off my work-related phone to avoid tempting invites from Alex, the junior manager. He was a great boss who doubled up as the life of the party. Everyone liked being around him.

However, on this day, I chose Daisy’s company and whatever else she would offer. So, at home, I took a long shower, slipped into comfortable clothes and called to ask if the dinner date massage was still happening.

“Definitely,” she said. “In fact, I was just about to leave.”

“Okay, let me order us some food,” I said and hung up to place the order.

While waiting, I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. I settled on a sitcom program and lay on the couch watching. I don’t know when or how long I’d dozed off, but I awoke to the doorbell ringing insistently.

I went and opened the door to a visibly irritated delivery guy. I apologised, took my order and gave him a nice tip for his troubles. Immediately after placing the food on my dining table, the doorbell rang again. This time it was Daisy. She looked elegant as always and wore the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

“Welcome to my five-star dining,” I said, and ushered her into the house. 

“Thank you,” she said and hugged me. I loved the smell of her fragrance.

“Make yourself at home,” I pointed towards the dining area. “Your order will be with you shortly.” 

She laughed and walked across the room, swaying her hips seductively. The light dress covering her curvacious body left little to the imagination. She put down her bag, full of oils and other massage equipment.

I switched off the light and lit candles. Then, I brought out the plates and unpacked the food. Lastly, I brought a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“Someone here was very much prepared,” she said.

“You bet. I don’t take chances,” I countered. “However, you’ll excuse my dressing.”

“It’s fine. Plus, we didn’t specify.”

We ate in silence. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She was a sight to behold and had an admirable calm demeanour. Nothing seemed to faze her. I enjoyed her company and massage equally. She was the perfect companion for the weekend.

The food was delicious. We both enjoyed it but couldn’t finish the large portions. We washed it down with white wine and sat down to talk work and everything else worth talking about. I did most of the talking while she listened intently.

After pouring out my frustrations, she looked at me and said, “Let’s get you that massage.”

“How does a body-to-body massage sound?” she asked. However, she didn’t wait for my answer as she stood and went to where her bag was. 

“I know you still remember the terms of engagement,” she said as I approached behind her.

“No, I don’t. Please remind me,” I said jokingly.

“You’re still on that selective memory vibe?” she queried.

“Well, you keep your hands to yourself. Speak out…” she continued, but I cut her short.

“I remember them,” I said.

“Good. Let’s freshen up now,” she said and started to undress in front of me. She stared into my eyes to distract them from checking her out. Then, she moved forward and hugged me. I could feel her boobs on my chest and wanted to wrap my hands around her nude body. But, I didn’t, for fear of breaking the rules.

So, I leaned over her shoulder and caught a good view of her ass. I still had my eyes fixed on her butt crack when she pulled back and started to remove my t-shirt. I raised my hands to let her pull it all the way through. My shorts were next before she asked me to lead the way to the bathroom.

She was first to clean me up for the second time that evening. She took her time from one body part to the next. By the time she got to the lower half of my body, she encountered a mild erection and twitching balls. She held the sac in one hand and used the other one to wash my pulsing shaft.

She moved past the balls and used her small finger to clean my butt hole. I’d tilted my head back and enjoyed the growing arousal when I heard her ask if I’d like her to wax off my pubic hair.

I opened my eyes and stared down where she was squatting while applying soap to my thighs.

“Can we include that next time? I didn’t know you offered the service,” I said, hoping she doesn’t insist.

My pubic hair was only 3 weeks old, and I wasn’t ready to persevere the pain of waxing.

“Well, now you know,” she shot back.

“You’re all clean now,” she continued after rinsing soap from my legs. I got hold of the towel and stepped out of the shower to let her clean up. I rinsed my body and went to the bedroom to bring her a fresh towel.

When she walked out of the shower, I’d cleared the living room area and placed an inflatable mattress on the floor for the massage. I couldn’t wait to have her sexy body gliding on mine.

Due to the slippery nature of the mattress, I spread towels on top and lay facing down. Daisy didn’t waste time applying oil all over my back and on herself. Then, I felt her weight as she lowered her nude body on top of mine. She lay still for a minute and let me feel her soft and warm skin on my back, and get accustomed to her weight.

She started to move her body up and down rhythmically like someone dancing to a slow sensual song. Slowly, my muscles loosened up, and I started to experience a deep sense of relaxation. Simultaneously, I got aroused by the touch of her nakedness on my body. The feel of her ass gliding over my back, glutes and thighs was mindblowing.

She even sat up on my back and used her hands to massage my firm ass and legs. After a while, she turned and placed her feet on my back while lying on my legs. She knew how to work with her body. The resultant effects were undeniable.

She turned up the tempo by turning around to glide with her front. This way, she managed to massage my shoulders and neck with her hands while rubbing her perky breasts on my back. She slid down and ensured she poked her firm nipples all over my backside. 

Also, her hands helped relieve the tension and pain in deeper tissues as she massaged from the upper back to the lower back. I was shocked and thrilled when she slid one of her breasts between my thighs up to my buttcrack. I spread my legs naughtily, hoping it could brush my ball sac or cock.

Even though I couldn’t see what she was doing, It felt amazing. I’d forgotten about my worries and immersed myself in the present eroticism. My body was fully aroused, and my erogenous zones were ripe with desire.

When she asked me to turn around, it was a relief to my cock as it could now be erect without any restrictions. I was eager to see how she’ll glide over it. So, I lay facing up and watched her apply massage oil all over my chest, stomach, crotch, and legs.

Once, she was satisfied, she got on top and started to glide on her back. She stretched her legs parallel to mine and had my cock popping up between her thighs. At some point, she moved close, and the shaft brushed her damp pussy lips. Then, she closed her thighs over the raging manhood. My body tensed up and I almost climaxed.

I watched helplessly as she sat on my stomach in a cowgirl position and leaned forward to massage my thighs and legs. Her juices leaked freely, and I wished I could touch her ass. Every time she leaned forward, my cock rested on her stomach, begging for some attention.

Finally, she finished massaging the legs and started with the sac. I let out a groan and moved my hips to urge her to continue. She started performing prostate massage, and my shaft’s head bulged in readiness for a climax. 

“Please don’t stop,” I begged.

“No! We’re just starting,” she said and stopped abruptly.

Without saying anything, she turned around and started gliding over my chest with her boobs. She moved close to my face and held my gaze for a minute as she sandwiched my penis between her thighs. At this point, I would have given anything for a release. I even asked her to let me finish off by myself, but she wouldn’t hear it.

So, I lay on the mattress and let her do what she does best. When she finished, she slid to my side and lay facing up. 

“That was intense,” she said, trying to catch her breath.

“Yes, it was,” I agreed. “Which one’s next?” I queried.

“That’s for me to know and for you to play around and find out,” she said and smiled.

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