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Our Favorite Hotel Rendezvous in London

Hotels are a big part of London’s history, architectural artistry, and luxurious hospitality industry. The city features some of the best hotels in Europe—for short and long holiday stays, weekend getaways, romantic escapes, and casual or official rendezvous. They create a perfect environment for guests to maximise the potential of their visit or stay. 

Elegant rooms, relaxing ambience, panoramic views, professional and friendly services, delicious cuisines, classic cocktails, you name it. London hotels have it all. But where exactly are these hotels? 

Well, read on as we take you through our favourite hotel rendezvous in London and why we like them.

Best Hotels to Rendezvous in London

the bloomsbury

The Bloomsbury

A private rendezvous for two or a 300-delegates conference? No problem, the Bloomsbury has more than enough space and staff to ensure everything runs smoothly. Each room features a unique decor portraying its distinct character. Still, they’re all classy, airy, and comfy.

Even better, guests can enjoy additional hotel amenities and services like free wi-fi, dry cleaning, 24-hour gym, currency exchange, and concierge services. If you’re staying the night, you’ll love their luxurious rooms and the dedication of a cheerful staff towards your comfort.

The hotel’s central location in London is convenient for many people in the city. You can easily walk to and from your meeting.

browns hotel

Brown’s Hotel

Located on the fashionable Albemarle Street in Mayfair, Brown’s hotel caters to all your top-end meeting needs. Be it a small and private affair or a group event. They have a variety of rooms to hold different capacities. 

The hotel has been around for centuries (since 1837, to be exact) and has played host to royalties, dignitaries, and celebrities. Therefore, their discretion and exclusivity are top-tier.

The overall decor of the place strikes a perfect balance between classic vintage features and modern designs—creating an ideal set-up to wow your guest(s). Their staff’s professional service makes things even better as it guarantees a successful rendezvous.

Additionally, considering Brown’s iconic status, a meeting in any of its rooms makes you part of the rich history.

shangri la hotel

Shangri-La Hotel

Magical! That’s all you need to describe this asian hotel, Shang-ri La Hotel, on St. Thomas Street. First, it offers breathtaking views of London from all its floor levels (34-52). The floor-to-ceiling windows ensure you don’t miss a single thing. Be it the warm sun rays during the day or beautiful stars at night. Not to mention iconic London landmarks and the entire skyline.

Every one of the 18 floors has something that adds significant value to your personal or professional meeting. From the restaurant with a bold market menu and classic wine pairings to the bar serving custom circle of life cocktails.

If you’re pitching to a corporate audience about the benefits and marvels of London, you might as well let the view do the talking. After all, a thousand words are said to equal a single picture. So, an entire city’s picturesque view should be worth much more, right? It’s hard and near impossible to resist London’s grandeur when watching from 52 floors above ground.

apex city of london hotel

 Apex City of London Hotel

The Apex City of London Hotel takes your hotel rendezvous to a whole new level. They’re fully invested in providing the best meeting venue(s) for individuals and corporates. Firstly, the hotel is easily accessible since it’s close to most transportation infrastructure.

Secondly, the rooms come in diverse sizes, thus providing options for different meeting needs. Thirdly, the interiors are the best London-wide. The sheer display of elegance in every inch of the building will keep your guest(s) mesmerised and guessing. It helps you score major points before the top-rated hotel staff turn it a notch higher with their remarkable service.

The hotel’s restaurant has plenty of delicious cuisines to satisfy your taste buds, while the bar offers endless drink options during or after your meeting. If you prefer an outdoorsy atmosphere, you should request a table in the terrace space to feel more comfortable.

radio rooftop 2018 terrace day timeweb

Radio Rooftop

If you’re looking for a casual setting to enjoy delicious meals and drinks with friends, family, or even business associates, check out Radio Rooftop. This venue takes you away from the overly formal aspect of your daily life and allows you to relax and enjoy the moment

Located on the 10th floor of ME London, Radio Rooftop exposes guests to the strikingly-beautiful backdrop of London’s skyline from the Shard to the Big Ben. When you add a glowing sunrise or sunset to the picture, you get a complete masterpiece—perfect for a few memorable photos.

Everything about Radio Rooftop is meant to help you unwind. First, it’s the cool decor designs followed by the comfy seats. Next, the open-air terrace allows the free flow of fresh air and breeze into the space. Lastly, the friendly staff ensure you have whatever you need whenever you need it.


Next time you plan a rendezvous in London, try our top five favourite hotels above. There’re many more options, depending on your personal preferences and budget. Keep it here for more breakdowns on London hotels and lifestyle. 

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