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Tantric Healing For Trauma

Different people go through the same circumstances and come out differently. Some develop trauma after a stressful event while others are fine. Also, there are different types of traumas. There is a category of people that have a relapse instantly while some happen over some time. Trauma is not just about the pain people have had to endure, but also what is left of the pain in the human body. These pains are not only physical but also emotional and can affect our energy levels.

In Sanskrit, tantra means “network”. And it refers to weaving together patches of Fabric into a larger whole. This depicts the belief that everything is interwoven and interconnected. Tantra is a mechanism that helps us experience this interconnection in reality. Tantra makes provision for thorough healing as trauma can change an individual holistically; physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.

Tantric healing therapy is a good support to come out of the pain and suffering as a result of trauma. Tantric healing is a substitute healing method that is gaining more popularity and is accepted as the stigma of fear attached to sexuality and the body lessens in Modern culture. This healing method provides an opportunity for addressing issues related to individual sexual energy and trauma.

Some sexual issues that arise from traumatic sexual memory are:

  • Loss of Sexual desire
  • Body armouring
  • Vaginal Pain
  • Loss of Erection
  • Premature Ejaculation

Tantra Techniques

1. Relaxation

The importance of being in a relaxed state cannot be overemphasized. Being tensed before reaching orgasm can lead to premature ejaculation or vaginal pain. When a person that has experienced trauma learns to remain calm during sex, every form of tension is removed. Activities that can enhance relaxation are yoga, meditation, or massage. 

2. Embodiment and Sensations

One thing that tends to happen as a result of trauma is numbness in the body. Some people experience numbness in some parts of their bodies. Tantra alleviates this as it helps people experience their bodies fully. But for this to happen and full healing to take place, the tantric massage technique goes through sensations. The communication from our body occurs through sensations and these signals inform us of what is going on around us. This is why trauma patients need to be mindful of each sense as it can guide them.

3. Breathing

Breathing is connected with the technique of relaxation. During sex, it could become quite difficult to control breathing as it happens rapidly. There is a tantric belly technique that can help with this.

  • Lay down in a comfortable position and shut your eyes.
  • Stay still and remain relaxed. You can do this by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  • While in that same state, take note of how you breathe and feel how each deep breath goes.
  • Place your hand on your belly and look closely as it moves while you are taking breaths in and out. Ensure that your breath is moving your hand, not the extension of your stomach muscles. 

4. Accepting your emotions

Acceptance is a technique used in every form of therapeutic healing. Suppressing or hiding your feelings after a trauma is a great disaster waiting to happen as you give your emotions more power than they possess. The emotions can be stored up in the body and create blockages. On the other hand, accepting them will help you to let go and release tension in the muscles. Tantra therapists are available to guide you through with tools to express your feelings without getting overwhelmed or pressured. Additionally, you can set a daily alarm at different intervals to take note of your feeling throughout the day.  

5. Yoni or lingam massages

Yoni or Lingam massages are referred to as the massage of the female and male genitals. This technique does not involve any form of intercourse or orgasm. A woman or a man receives this kind of massage when nothing is expected in return and can completely let go. This particular tantra technique can be very liberating if done by the right experts. It heals vaginismus and tension in both genders almost immediately. 

6. Sounds and movements

Not a lot of people go through trauma and come out on the other side the same way they have always been. Most people keep silent as the traumatic experience has immobilized them into a state of fear. To clear up the throat, it is important to have a safe to express raw sounds as it helps. This should be a safe and quiet place, by the sea, in the forest, in an open area, or in a garden. An additional tip is to imagine your favourite wild animal and make their sounds loudly.

The movement also increases the ability of the individual to focus on the present moment. Movements like dancing and shaking are important elements of Tantric healing. It is a good emotional and physical release as it helps free the body from tension and blockages. The result of this release is that blood and sexual energy can flow normally.

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