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The Best Customer Loyalty Reward I Ever Got

Thanks to a bust tyre on my way from work, I discovered one of the best massage parlours in town. Long story short, I walked in while waiting for a tyre replacement, liked the experience, and have been going back every Friday for the past two years. I enjoyed the service and hospitality of their beautiful masseuses.

To show my appreciation, I often tipped generously. Thanks to the regular trips to the spa, I felt more relaxed and full of life. I slept better, and my muscle pains had reduced significantly. My supervisor even commended my increased productivity.

A few months into my visits, I’d felt the touch of every masseuse in the spa except the owner. She was a beautiful middle-aged lady who always wore a dazzling smile. Her warm and bubbly personality was very attractive. I loved talking to her right before and after my sessions. Her energy and aura were out of this world. Plus, she smelled nice. She hugged me once on the eve of Christmas, and I wished the hug lasted a little longer.

I never imagined she practised. I thought she only handled the business side. I would’ve loved to have her hands all over me. It was a surprise and a relief when I learnt that she worked on specific clients on weekends. I knew now I’d ask to be part of the specific clients.

Armed with this new information, I was excited to find the ever-gorgeous owner at the reception area talking to her customer care team when I came out of the massage room.

“Hello there,” I said as I approached and extended my arm.

“Hi, Mr Johnson,” she said, shaking my stretched hand. “How are you today? You liked your service.”

“Yes, it was great. I feel good right now.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Your satisfaction is our priority,” She replied, motioning me towards her office to make the payment.

As I retrieved my wallet, I paused midway, looked at her and said, “One day I’d like to experience what your hands can do.”

I looked straight at her to see the reaction on her face. Her cheeks flushed, and she smiled while looking up at me. “Are you sure about that?” she asked.

“I’ve never been more certain about something in my life than I am right now,” I shot back.

She continued staring at me for a minute and then said, “Be here next Saturday at 5 pm for your customer loyalty reward. You’ve earned it.” I almost jumped up like an excited teenager but managed to maintain my cool.

“That sounds perfect. I’ll definitely be here,” I said, giving her the money.

“I don’t doubt that,” she winked as I made for the door.

I walked towards my car across the street, got in and drove off. I was feeling good about myself and couldn’t wait for next Saturday. My mind was too caught up in the imagination of her tender hands on my skin that I forgot I needed to shop for groceries. The weekend flew by fast as I got to go on a road trip with some friends. But, come Monday and the days started dragging. Fortunately, there was enough work to keep me busy. I shaved on Tuesday and went to the gym every day until Thursday. I got off work early on Friday and rested the entire afternoon. On Saturday, I woke up early to the sun’s warm rays—a sign of the great day ahead. I made a heavy breakfast and stayed in to catch up on my favourite tv series and new movie releases on Netflix.

I took a nap in the afternoon and got up to prepare myself at 4 pm. At 10 minutes to 5 pm, I was outside the spa’s reception area only to find it empty. I moved my eyes around, but there was nobody in sight. However, I could hear a faint sound of calming music from the massage rooms.

I started to move closer, and on the second step, I hit something on the ground. It was a piece of paper. I almost dismissed it until I saw the handwritten words, “Follow the roses, Mr Johnson.”

Immediately, I noticed small rose petals dropped in a line. I walked passed the usual massage rooms and turned to another hallway with more rooms. The sound of music was now clear as I approached the last door in the hallway. It was slightly open, and I could see light coming from inside.

I was about to knock when the familiar voice of the spa owner came from inside, “You made it. Welcome to your fantasy Mr Johnson.” Her voice was soothing, calm, and with a tint of seduction. I pushed the door to see what was in store for me.

Inside, the room was much better than all the others I’d used. It was spacious and well-designed. There were scented candles around, a posh two-seater couch in one corner, and a massage table at the centre. As my eyes got accustomed to the candlelight, I saw the spa owner’s frame standing on one end of the room. She was wearing a silk robe and looked like the goddess of sex.

She walked towards my stunned frame as I admired every stride she made in her 6-inch high heels. I looked at her in earnest as she continued to walk around me. I could smell her deep scent. It evoked all kinds of emotions inside me. She stopped at the front, held my belt and pulled herself close. when she was close to my face, she whispered, “Strip down when you’re ready John.” 

Immediately she let go of the belt and moved towards the massage table, I was down to my briefs. She was visibly shocked when she turned around and caught me admiring her shapely ass. “Those too,” she said, pointing at my briefs. “You can cover up with a towel. They’re on your right.”

Once I was done, she motioned me to lie on the massage table. By now, my excitement had boiled down to my pelvic area, and I could feel my erection growing. I regretted not jerking off to empty my balls.

She urged me to relax as she poured oil on her hands and my large back. I waited eagerly for her hands to contact my skin and start rubbing the oil around me. Right then, I closed my eyes and relished every touch. It was heavenly. She caressed my warm skin slowly before targeting the muscles with more firmness.

From the neck and shoulders, she worked her way slowly towards my lower back. I felt my body loosen up with every stroke of her magical hands. She took her time like a painter crafting a masterpiece. I was happy to be the centre of attention.

Her skills were way superior to those of the other masseuses. When she moved the towel to massage my glutes, I’d completely surrendered to her massage artistry.

She moved from one ass to the next and ensured each got a good rub. I noticed she teasingly brushed past my butt hole and massaged the top of my butt crack. I got fully turned on when she reached between my thighs to massage the inner side. My dick was now visibly protruding between my legs, and my balls twitched incessantly. She brushed across the head a few times as she moved up from massaging the legs and calf. This made the erection stronger.

My entire body was now in euphoric bliss. The massage felt like an out-of-body experience, and she turned the tempo even further up. When she finally asked me to turn around, I was in an erotic trance and would have begged her to finish.

My manhood was fully erect, so it wouldn’t even help to cover it with the towel. She took one look at it and smiled. Then, to my surprise, she asked if I wanted her to get rid of the robe so that we can all be naked. I nodded affirmatively, and she untied the knot at the front and let the robe fall to the ground to reveal a pair of perky breasts, a flat tummy, tender thighs, a smoothly shaved pelvic area, beautiful legs and glowing skin.

I was amazed at what I saw. My hands itched to touch her. She started to massage my chest and branched out to my hands while I stole glances at her perfect ass. She teased my nipples for a minute, and the feeling took me to the edge. I could feel the climax build up. Then, she proceeded towards my stomach.

She moved past my throbbing erection and massaged my thighs to the legs. Every time she approached my balls, I raised my hips, hoping she would squeeze the sac and tip me over the edge to a thunderous release. I could already feel the precum on the head.

She massaged my feet in ways I never knew existed. It shocked me to discover the sensual sensitivity on my feet. My entire body was horny and pleading for a climax. I opened my eyes when she said she was done and started to walk towards a door to the farthest corner of the room. I hadn’t noticed it before. 

“You can finish off while I freshen up,” she added as she opened the door and disappeared inside.

When she returned, my balls were empty, I was calm and happy but still wondering what I’d just experienced.

“I hope you liked your customer loyalty reward,” she said as she dried her hair with a towel.

“When is the next one?” I asked and stood up to go and clean myself.

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