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Types of Full Body Massages You Should Know About

There's no doubt that body massage is considered to be one of the easiest and most preferred healing techniques that focuses on the stimulation of different body parts in order to relieve the body of the patient from unnecessary health issues. Be it chronic pain that is caused by muscle spasms, cramps, injuries, and other problems or the psychological tension that arise due to the regular tensions, there can't be a better remedy to rid your body of negativity and stress than opting for a massage. Avail the relaxing full body massage for women.

Here are different types of full-body massages that can benefit your medical health.


Swedish Massage

One of the most common yet effective forms of full-body massages that’s especially recommended to the folks who:

  • Are struggling with the tension
  • Have never taken massage before
  • are pretty sensitive to gentle touch

Not only has this therapy proven to be effective in releasing muscle knots but people often consider it as their go-to massage to relax their body and mental tension. The performer might ask you to take off your full clothes while they may allow you to keep on your undergarments. Swedish massage involves deep circular motions, passive joint movement techniques, kneading, vibration, and tapping.


Hot Stone Massage

Are you looking for the best remedy to treat your muscle pain and fatigue problems? Well, fret not! Hot stone massage has you covered. This full-body, therapeutic massage is more or less identical to Swedish massage with the only difference being the utilization of heated stone in the latter case. Here's how hot stone massage benefits you:

  • Reduce painful symptoms
  • Help you to fight off stress
  • Improve blood circulation all throughout your body
  • Relax your sore muscles
  • And promote relaxation

The therapist would put the heated stones on multiple parts of the body. The technique of hands movement and the amount of pressure remains almost similar to that in the Swedish massage, however, hot stone massage could last for as long as 60 minutes to 90 minutes.


Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is particularly developed for individuals struggling with emotional issues. Whether it's a traumatic event that has you upset and depressed or the regular anxiety problems are affecting your professional and personal life, aromatherapy massage can help you find substantial relief from mental illness. Here is how it benefits you:

  • Combat mood disorder problems and uplifts your mood
  • Alleviates the severe symptoms of depression
  • Rid your body of chronic pain and muscle tension

In this full-body massage, the therapist uses smooth and gentle pressure techniques together with vital oils to relieve your tensed muscles and painful areas. Though your therapist would dilute and use natural oils as per their preference, they may also ask for your recommendations. Aromatherapy massage usually does not last longer than an hour, but depending on the severity of your issues, the therapist may stretch it to 90 minutes.

Are you planning to book an appointment for a full body massage? While the regular patients of full body massage do not really think twice before hitting their nearest massage parlour, the beginners who haven't had undergone massage have quite a few questions before booking a therapist. How would I lie naked on the table? Will the therapy hurt? Would it feel awkward? There is a lot that goes into your mind when it comes to choosing a full-body massage. But worry not! The three mentioned massages can make an ideal option for novices. So why wait? Book your appointment right away and let the full body massage for women take away your pain.

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