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What is tantric massage?

The human body is an enigma, a puzzle with many different solutions. The solution depends on the answer that you seek. It is a puzzle that speaks. Its voice is loud enough for those who are attuned to the frequency. Its tongue is unbridled, for those who understand its language. Your body asks for comfort. It asks for pampering. Yet, there are many who live, unaware of the reality of a pleasured body. There are those who have never experienced the stimulation derived from a tantric massage.

To put it simply, tantric or tantra massage may be defined as a type of massage that borrows heavily from other established schools of massage such as yoga, sexual therapy and bioenergetics. It incorporates elements from the neotantric movement that was prevalent in the Western world. However, we can argue that the concept of tantric massages has benefited greatly from the emergence of globalization, as we alluded to earlier. It stands as a hybrid, with the amplified focus on sexual pleasure. 

A tantric massage is in essence a translator, decoding the messages that the body sends. They are by nature are adorned by sensual overtones. However, a tantric massage is not exactly riveted to the paradigms of sexuality. It offers so much more. What many do not understand is that the body loves to be touched, and a tantric massage does just that. The body is touched in a sensual way in an effort to relax and stimulate it. 

History tells us that the tantric massage as we know it today was developed in Berlin, Germany around the late 70’s into the early 80’s. In fact, the Tantric Massage Association credits Andro Andreas Rothe for its mainstream development. Founder of the Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge, which is the first established Tantra institute in Germany, Rothe is said to have developed the style in 1977. This of course translated into his Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge, as the concepts of the tantra massage were used to market the establishment.

One of the major characteristics of this unique source of pleasure is the fact that you, as the person who is getting a tantric massage are not required to contribute in any way to the pleasure of the other individual. You are simply the receiver, pampered and spoiled as your pleasure senses are teased and stimulated to facilitate heightened arousal. You surrender to the rediscovery of dormant senses, feelings and emotions. This gives the tantric massage a psychological effect. The process seamlessly integrates deep therapeutic relaxation with overall well-being. Therefore, the tantric massage is used by clients to resolve various issues of the world centering around trivial things such as relationships, self-esteem and sexual stagnation.

Further to this, the tantric massage may not just be an individual experience. There is such a thing as couple’s tantric massage. In fact, statistics have shown that this is quite popular. This works in a way akin to couple’s therapy or counselling, but with no words. There is just the smooth, gentle caress of oil rubs as the light relaxing music is intertwined with the deep scented candles to create the most pleasurable atmosphere imaginable.

The tantric massage, as we mentioned earlier is erotic by nature. It is all about the use of sensual touch in an effort to stimulate the largest and most underestimated organ on the body – the skin. It is an approachable technique, that once learned will enhance any bedroom characteristics. However, the process in and of itself does not involve any sexual penetration. The massage involves the sensual touch of every part of the body. A typical session may begin with the receiver lying on his or her stomach. The masseuse then begins by touching the body, from head to toe. This gives the receiver time to relax, slowly becoming more at peace with the massage session. This relaxation in turn eradicates much tension or knots in the receiver’s muscles.

Picture if you will a scenario where you remove the oppression of clothing and modesty, essentially shaking off the choke hold of society’s rules and obligations. You lay on the expertly designed massage table, free, your body touched by the gentle breeze of natures caress. Scented candles burn, stroking your nostrils gently with flavours and confusing your senses, as you are not sure if you are tasting or smelling the wonder. The soft pings and notes from the sensual music whispers lustfully in your ears. You are already relaxed.

However, this is just the beginning!

The masseuse comes and gives you the first touch, his or her hands covered with soothing massage oils. Immediately, you surrender yourself to the overwhelming power of the masseuse, who does not abuse it, but prompts you with gentle commands in a soothing tone.

“Lay flat please.”

“Place your hands on the sides of the bed.”

“Relax and enjoy the massage.”

You comply, inhibitions melting into the smoothness of each touch. Arousal is almost immediate, and you are embarrassed at first. However, you concede that this is just a part of the release, the process. The rules of the world outside no longer apply, and you slowly accept this. After all, the pleasure is overwhelming. Such power, such control, yet such professionalism.

For a more personal approach, we alluded to the sexual overtones earlier. Consider the tantric massage as a gateway that may lead to more intense sexual activity. The fact that if done correctly, it breaks down the barriers of inhibition, tantric massages can be used as precursors, akin to foreplay or other forms of sexual prerequisites. 


Benefits of a Tantric Massage

  1. The Elimination of Blockages

    One can argue that this benefit is derived from the borrowing of elements from yoga, as we alluded to earlier. Blockages are essentially as cut and dry as the name suggests. They operate akin to viruses on a computer, slowly affecting the device in the background and resulting in lethargy, crashes and disfunction. Root causes of blockages are not general. They can vary from person to person. A blockage can be emotional, sexual, physical, or psychosomatic. In most cases, a person will not be aware of his or her blockage. The existence of this is often revealed during a massage session. Continuing with the virus analogy, blockages form from repeated habits in daily routines, and slowly cement themselves into the being of the host as time flows.

    A trained masseuse will be able to detect these blockages and pay special attention to them using the tantric massage. These precise methods will be applied harmoniously, essentially leaving the client with a sense of relief. 
  2. The Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual energy is like any other base form of energy. In that regard, it is subject to depletion. We have often heard the term ‘sex drive,’ or ‘erectile dysfunction’ in our daily lives. These are quite real, and in many cases result from some form of mental blockage. Tantric massage therapies essentially purify the body. Dormant sexual energy can be awakened and once more brought to the surface like lava sitting in the base of an emasculated volcano. This energy is then dispersed throughout the body. Sexual dysfunction can therefore commonly be cured using tantric massage techniques. Ultimately, one’s sex life will return to its former potency and in some cases, even improve beyond what it was before the dysfunction.
  3. Contribution to Health and Healing

    Studies throughout history have all concluded that there are several health benefits to sexual intercourse. For one thing, the movement associated with the activity serves to increase the white blood cell count, burn calories and exercise the heart. There are also mental benefits, as sex is seen as a source of metaphysical relaxation. 
    Because tantric massage therapy borrows heavily from the concept of sexual intercourse, some of those benefits are present in the discipline as well. Tantric massages teach the body how to convert sexual energy into healing energy. The process of cleansing and purification coupled with the restorative energy aims to provide release – a central theme of most of the disciplines of massage. Many chronic health issues have been known to be treated effectively as a result.
  4. Providing Self Discovery

    When one relinquishes the shackles of society and steps into the soothing velvet embrace of tantric massages, the opportunity for self-discovery is provided. 
    The mental and emotional impurities that leech themselves onto the being and suck on the vital energy are removed, giving the receiver clarity. One learns to think clearly, to drift from the established conventions and to gain a different vantage point in an effort to define or redefine one’s self. 
    It can also provide a sense of fulfilment, as the aforementioned clarity gained will also give one the opportunity to discover something new about one’s self. This may provide or cultivate a new outlook on life, which may in turn convert one’s personality for the better.
  5. Embracing Spirituality

    No matter your religious affiliation, a tantric massage may be used to awaken your spirituality. Because of the mental clarity that you will receive from the therapy session, you may be able to become more spiritual, which will have significant mental, emotional and psychological benefits. 


Again, borrowing from yoga, tantric massages provide a bridge and a practice that may propel an individual to aspire for a higher spiritual awareness.



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