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What to expect from a body to body massage?

Body to body massage London

Massage is an excellent pain reliever for the body and helps you to increase oxygen supply and other nutrients to the muscles. It also assists to relieve pain by healing damaged tissues. Body to body massage provides all the benefits of therapeutic massage, yet it is also a very intimate and sensual experience. An elite body to body massage takes your tantric massage journey to a whole new level of body pleasure. Your gold tantric masseuse uses her entire body – to slide and glide rhythmically and gracefully over your body, thus, exciting all your senses. Let yourself be carried away by our therapists and enjoy every moment!

When you get a full body massage, the therapist is going to be able to touch most of your body. This way, your massage treatment also enhances the tantric connection between the client and the therapist, similar to the one of a tantric massage.

Body to body massage – professional masseuses

Gold Tantric London’s massage offers you an unforgettable experience with our beautiful tantra therapists. As you can see, all of them are gorgeous ladies who promise first-class body to body massage for all their clients. Not only that, but during the body to body massage, they’ll use their naked body against yours to comfort you and relax all your senses.

By massaging every inch of your body, our beautiful masseuses will press and glide against you, giving you a tease and coaxing you to a state of unknown euphoria. We encourage you to communicate with your beautiful therapist to ensure that he or she understands precisely what you want so you can work together to maximize your body to body massage benefits. The masseuse will try to guarantee maximum skin-to-skin contact and may also use her hot breath on the customer's skin, which adds to the erotic nature of this treatment.

Body to body massage enhances the sensations of a warm intensity that will completely envelop your body and soul. A tantric body to body massage takes your tantric journey to a new level of relaxation. With such luxury settings and a beauty at your side, we're sure you'll love this unique moment!

Not only does a body to body massage relieve tension in your muscle and joints, it can also relieve pain. Many people suffering from sports injuries, arthritis, migraines, lower or upper back pain or lupus often seek body to body massage therapy. The intimacy and release caused by the close skin to skin and body to body contact releases endorphins.

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Experience a range of fun & tantric massage services with our experienced therapists. We’ll make sure you do the most of that precious me-time by connecting you with our stunning ladies who are true experts when it comes to body to body massages. Our beautiful ladies are stimulating to both the mind and body and always listen closely to your needs. 

Traditionally, a body to body massage covers the:

  • Head – normally including the temples, crown, occipital muscles (the back of the head) and scalp.
  • Neck – including the nape and trapezius (long muscles on the side that connect to the back).
  • Shoulders – along with the collar bones, shoulder blades and into the upper back.
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Upper and lower back – the lower back is where most people harbour stubborn tension and experience tightness, stiffness or pain.
  • Legs – including the buttocks, glutes, thighs and calves
  • Feet

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Our body to body massage therapy is available for men, women and couples.

We will completely satisfy your desire for confidentiality and we promise to offer you an excellent service.

You can also book an outcall massage at a hotel if you are staying at a hotel in one of these areas. Enquire about our tantric massage today and our therapists can take care of the rest!

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