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Yoni Massage: A Popular Form of Female Tantric Massage

Among the tantric massage forms designed for females, the Yoni massage is a popular one which honors a woman. The word yoni is a Sanskrit term used in the ancient days to refer to the vagina, the female reproductive tract. Additionally, the term vagina means sacred space or a sacred temple. In modern-day sensual massage therapies, a yoni massage is essentially featured.

Yoni Massage Has a Deep Spiritual Meaning

The term vaginal or yoni massage has a much broader meaning contrary to what people think. The purpose of this massage is not only the pleasure, but it is also a process of nourishing the body and soul of a woman. There is a holistic aspect associated with this yoni massage which is spiritual in its essence. This massage enables a woman to feel her inner goddess, her feminine energy. It is her Shakti or strength that is manifested into diverse forms and it finally connects her to almighty. 

The main purpose of the Yoni massage is to feel that sacred collaboration as part of the inner tantra or sexual energy. It is a type of full body massage that combines touching, caressing, arousing the body through massage emphasizing on the neck, breasts, hips, shoulders, buttocks and it culminates in the massaging of the yoni. In this massage, the attention is also given in the rest of the body parts.

Yoni Massage Is Beneficial For Women of All Age Groups

This massage works to release all the energy centres in the body and create an awakening of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fulfillment of your body. It is beneficial for women of all age groups. It is helpful to reduce menstrual cramps and also minimizes the menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness and hot flushes that create great discomfort in the body.

The Key Areas of Yoni Massage

  • Pleasure

This massage aims to release all the sensation and pleasure a woman experiences in the body and thus enable her to feel a different kind of experience altogether in a near state of climax.

  • Therapy

It is also helpful for a woman to accept and releases all unpleasant memories and trauma from the past and rediscovers her life. It has been found that nearly all women have some issues in their lives and they struggle to deal with them. Thus a massage can help them in this regard. 

  • Spirituality

This massage is all about realizing the natural female energy flows through your body by a complete surrender and trust and thus experience a feeling of unity.  


  • In this massage, a feeling of great pleasure is released throughout your entire body. The erogenous points are greatly awakened and it creates special sensations in the yoni area which makes a woman fully satisfied and revered. It helps in healing past mental trauma and pain.
  • It adds to your reproductive health
  • It is especially beneficial for couples as it helps to release a great joy of excitement
  • It revives the amount of love and trust between couples
  • It fortifies the feeling of surrender, femininity, openness, self-confidence, self-love, etc.  
  • It helps to establish better connectivity with your partner
  • It takes you to a higher state of consciousness

Concluding Remarks

As you have seen yoni massage is about empowering a woman sexually. It is an essential part of your intimate couple session but at the same time, it can be performed as part of a normal healing process. Try to love your body with a yoni massage only at a quality massage centre because a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge is required to perform this massage. So, if you ever want to experience a female tantric massage in London, choose a reputed and experienced massage agency.

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