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7 Erotic Massage Questions You Might Be Too Embarrassed to Ask, Answered!

Feeling unsure about an erotic massage is quite normal. You’re not alone in wanting to know the ins and outs of this sensual experience. Real Tantric London will answer those tricky questions, helping you feel prepared and at ease.

Let’s uncover the mysteries together!

Key Takeaways

  • Erotic massage is for relaxation and can include full or partial nudity, but you choose what to wear based on what feels comfortable.
  • Talking openly with the masseuse about likes, dislikes, and boundaries helps make the experience enjoyable and safe for everyone.
  • Getting aroused during an erotic massage is natural; however, sex is not part of the service, and it’s essential to understand this before booking a session.
  • It’s best to arrive clean for your appointment, as good hygiene shows respect for the therapist and enhances your comfort level during the massage.
  • If at any point something doesn’t feel right, speak up immediately; professional masseuses will listen and adjust to ensure a positive experience.

Defining Erotic Massage

It’s essential to recognise that in an erotic massage, the focus lies on being massaged sensually to amplify pleasure and foster intimacy. 

The art of being massaged sensually extends beyond traditional therapeutic techniques, intertwining heightened sensuality with full-body relaxation. Participants must navigate this intimate journey with mutual understanding and set boundaries to ensure a comfortable encounter.

Explanation of what an erotic massage entails

The nuances of being massaged sensually encompass delicate touches and soft strokes across various body parts, including the back, arms, and legs.

Sometimes, it can include massaging the buttocks if that’s what the client wants. Massage or essential oils often get mixed in to smooth the skin and stir up pleasing scents.

The goal is to relax and wake up feelings of joy. A person might feel gentle hands glide over their skin or a firm knead on tight muscles. They choose how many clothes they wear – anything from comfy underwear to nothing–but always keep respect in mind.

If there’s any spot someone doesn’t want to be touched, they have to say so; it’s part of making sure everyone feels good about the experience.

Differentiating it from other types of massages

Erotic massage is unique because it focuses on your feelings and senses like other massages don’t. While Swedish or deep tissue massages aim to fix muscle pain, erotic massage uses touch to boost pleasure and create intimacy.

It works on different parts of the body that feel good when touched.

In this type of sensual massage, communication is critical. You talk about what you like before starting. Boundaries are clear, so everyone feels safe and respected. This ensures the experience stays enjoyable for the person being massaged and the therapist giving the massage, enhancing the experience of being massaged sensually.

You’ll find that erotic massage involves more personal interaction than a regular back massage at health clinics. The masseuse may use light finger strokes or gentle palm pressures on erogenous zones to stimulate arousal slowly as part of foreplay rather than to relieve any physical ailments like sports massages or trigger point therapy.

Importance of clear communication and boundaries

Talking about what an erotic massage is sets the stage for a crucial part of a good experience: clear communication. During your session, you must know what masseurs wish you to understand. At the same time, you must speak up about what you want and don’t want.

This ensures that you and the therapist understand each other perfectly, paving the way for a comfortable and enjoyable massage.

Setting boundaries before starting can help remove any awkwardness. If there’s a part of your body you do not want to be touched, just let your therapist know. They are authentic masseuses trained to respect your wishes and will be mindful of your preferences throughout the massage.

This open talk builds trust and helps clients and therapists feel at ease during the massage.

Feeling safe is just as crucial as feeling relaxed regarding massages touching intimate areas. Trusting that your therapist will listen makes all the difference in enjoying an erotic massage without worry or discomfort.

What to Wear and Expect during an Erotic Massage

Stepping into the world of erotic massage requires you to prepare for a massage carefully, from understanding that your attire can vary from being fully clothed to completely nude based on personal preference and the norms of the service provider.

Understanding and anticipating the process aids in creating an environment conducive to relaxation when being massaged sensually, but knowing what lies ahead will help ease any nerves, allowing you to fully immerse in this intimate experience.

Options for clothing during the massage

You can choose what to wear during your erotic massage. Some people keep their underwear on. This is okay. The massage therapist makes sure you are covered upright. They use a sheet or towel for this.

If you feel better wearing more, like fitted Lycra shorts, that’s fine too.

Your comfort matters most in an erotic massage. Think about what will help you relax and enjoy the touch without feeling shy or worried. Clothes should not be too tight or loose; just something that feels good on your skin and lets you move quickly.

Understanding the process and expectations

Going for an erotic massage means knowing what will happen. You choose what to wear based on comfort and respect. Some people stay in underwear, while others might use a towel or even be nude.

The key is feeling good about your choice.

During the massage, relax and let the therapist guide you. Authentic masseuse knows how to make you feel at ease with their skills. If nervousness hits, focus on breathing deeply or imagine being in a calm place.

After the session ends, talk with the therapist if something does not work for you. This helps improve future massages. Now, let’s move on to some questions about tantric massage that might make you blush but are essential to ask.

Tips for feeling comfortable and relaxed during the massage

Knowing the process of an erotic massage helps set your expectations. Now, let’s focus on making you comfy and at ease. Choose clothes that make you feel good, but remember, asking for a blanket if needed is okay.

It’s also fine to fall asleep; this means your body is happy with the treatment.

Speak up about what feels nice and what doesn’t. Your masseuse wants you to enjoy the session. If there’s a part of the body you don’t want to be touched, say so. They’ll understand and respect your wishes.

Remember, feeling safe and relaxed is critical to enjoying your massage experience fully.

Common Embarrassing Questions and Concerns

We tackle those blush-worthy queries head-on, providing frank answers to what’s really on your mind when considering an erotic massage – read on to quench your curiosity.

Is arousal normal during erotic massage?

Feeling turned on during an erotic massage is something many people experience. This massage touches on intimate body parts and wakes your senses. It’s natural for your body to react to these sensations with arousal.

If you do get aroused, don’t worry—massage therapists know this can happen. They are trained to handle such situations professionally and usually do not pay attention. You can wear fitted Lycra shorts if you want some extra security against unexpected erections.

Or try focusing your thoughts on something else that’s not sexual.

Remember, feeling good is a big part of an erotic massage. So try to relax and enjoy the experience without overthinking about what your body is doing. Everything happening is normal, and there is nothing to feel ashamed about.

Is It a Naked Massage?

You might wonder if you need to take off all your clothes for an erotic massage. The truth is, it’s up to you and what makes you feel good. Some people choose to be naked because they want to feel free and get massaged sensually everywhere.

Others keep underwear on or even more clothes if that’s what helps them relax.

If you decide to go nude, the masseuse will often use a sheet or towel for cover. They only uncover the part of your body they’re working on. This keeps you warm and comfortable while letting the masseuse properly give a sensual massage.

Always talk with your masseuse about how much clothing works for both of you before starting so there are no surprises.

How do you set boundaries without spoiling the mood?

Setting boundaries during an erotic massage is critical to a good experience. Talk with your massage therapist before starting. Tell them what you’re okay with and what’s off-limits. This chat can help make sure everyone knows the rules and feels safe.

Say it calmly and clearly. Your voice matters, so speak up about things that are important to you. A true professional will listen and respect your wishes without making the mood weird or uncomfortable.

Sometimes, feelings that you didn’t expect may come up. Maybe something makes you feel not okay during the massage. If this happens, it’s fine to say something right away. The therapist wants you to have a good time and will change your technique if needed.

Next, let’s tackle whether sex is expected in an erotic massage session.

Is sex expected during an erotic massage session?

Sex is not part of an erotic massage. People often think it might be because the massage feels personal and exciting. But really, it’s just a type of massage that helps you relax deeply.

The person giving the massage won’t offer sex as part of the service.

You might feel lots of emotions during an erotic massage, like getting turned on. This is normal, but it doesn’t mean things will go further than the massage. Everyone involved knows this from the start.

It’s important to talk about what will happen before you begin so that there are no surprises.

Is erotic massage legal?

The legality of erotic massages varies from country to country, state to state, and even city to city. In some countries, erotic massages are considered legal, while in others, they are strictly prohibited. 

It is better to check the legal requirements in your location before offering erotic massages.

Is post-massage guilt common, and how do you handle it?

Some people feel guilty after an erotic massage. This can happen for many reasons. They might think it’s wrong or worry about what others would say. If you feel this way, understand that your feelings are private and personal.

Your comfort is essential.

If guilt comes up, talk to the masseuse or a friend about it. Remember, feeling good during a massage is normal and okay. Look at why you wanted the massage in the first place – for a holistic lifestyle.

What happens if I accidentally make a noise or say something during the massage?

Moving on from post-massage guilt, let’s tackle another worry you might have. Making noise during a massage is more common than you think. Maybe your body relaxes, and a snore slips out, or just like when sleeping, you may talk without meaning.

This can happen to anyone and is part of natural bodily responses. Massage therapists know this well.

If you make a noise or say something, there’s no need for panic or embarrassment. Your therapist has likely heard it all before and understands these things occur sometimes. They are professionals trained to handle such situations with kindness.

So, if a surprise sound comes out of you, don’t fret – they’ll probably ignore it so you can both focus on the massage.

Remember that accidents like farting can also happen when your muscles relax deeply. Therapists won’t judge; they want to help you feel at ease throughout your session. They aim for comfort, so the massage helps rather than stresses you out.

Should I tip more if I reach climax during the massage?

Tipping is a way to show your masseuse you are happy with their service. For regular massages, people often give 15-20% extra. But in an erotic massage, things can be different. If you reach climax during the massage, you might feel like giving more.

It’s up to you and how good you think the service was. The masseuse did their job well if they made you feel amazing. Think about how much more money would show that thanks without making things weird or uncomfortable for either of you.

What’s the etiquette for hygiene before an erotic massage?

Make sure to take a shower and be clean for your erotic massage. This shows respect for the person giving you the massage. Use soap and wash all parts of your body well. It’s also nice to brush your teeth or use mouthwash.

You want to smell fresh when lying on the massage table.

Wear deodorant after cleaning up, but skip solid perfumes or colognes. The scent should not overwhelm the room or bother the therapist. Clean clothes will help you feel confident and comfortable, too.

Good hygiene means a better experience for everyone involved in an erotic massage session.

What do I do if I feel uncomfortable with the masseuse’s technique or behaviour?

If you feel uncomfortable with how the masseuse is touching you or acting, it’s okay to say so. You have the right to be at ease during your massage. Speak immediately and let them know what isn’t working for you.

A good therapist will listen and change their technique or behaviour to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

Sometimes, a different approach can fix the problem. If talking doesn’t help or the masseuse does not respect your wishes, it is alright to end the session. Your comfort and well-being are most important.

Always choose a licensed massage therapist who understands professional boundaries and respects your limits.

If their actions make you uneasy, report it after leaving. Many places like Gold Tantric London that offer massages take complaints seriously and will act to stop that bad behaviour from happening again.

Can I request a masseuse of a specific gender or appearance?

Yes, you have the power to ask for a masseuse who is either male or female. It’s normal for clients to choose based on what makes them feel comfy. Your wishes matter, and massage clinics usually try hard to ensure they meet them.

You might also want to pick your masseuse by how they look. At the same time, this can be trickier, but it’s okay to make a request. Lace may not always say yes, but they will listen and do their best.

Before the massage starts, talk clearly about what you need so everyone knows what’s okay.

Is it normal to feel emotionally attached to a masseuse after an erotic massage?

Choosing a masseuse you’re comfortable with is vital to enjoying your massage. Feeling close or emotionally attached to your masseuse after an erotic massage can happen. Your body has been touched, and sometimes emotions come out as well.

This is a normal reaction for some people.

You might feel like seeing the same therapist again because they made you feel good. That’s okay, too, and it’s not stalking to book them in the future. They are there to help and make you relaxed, so it makes sense if you want them again.

Remember to always be respectful and professional with your masseuse, just like they are with you.


We know talking about erotic massage can feel awkward. But remember, it’s okay to have questions and want answers. Your comfort and safety are most important. Enjoy your massage experience by knowing what to expect! And always speak up if you need something or have a concern.

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