How Tantric Massage Relaxes Your Body And Mind

Apart from gratifying your senses, tantric massage provides relief by releasing all stress and anxieties in life. It offers tremendous psychological benefits for couples who undergo this massage therapy. The advantage with a tantric massage is that it helps to manage the stress which has been building up in your body over time due to intense work pressure. Each of the strokes in tantric massage increases the intensity of sensations and will create a special feeling which will engulf your body and mind. It is done in a slow manner with such precision that it allows the receivers to enjoy the session in every manner. It becomes more enjoyable when you receive this relaxing massage from a registered and trained therapist in a warm atmosphere in London.

Things to remember when doing a tantric relaxing massage:

Never do it in a hurry

You should save your time for this massage therapy. Never do it in a hurry, otherwise, it will not give any result. It is not a chair massage or a pedicure/ manicure type of beauty treatments which are done within a few minutes. When both of you know that you have much time in your hand to perform the massage, it will arouse you quickly.

No pressure for orgasm

There should not be any pressure for orgasm for you and your partner. Just realize that you are not doing it to achieve some goals. Your intention is to relax each other.

Give attention to the massage area

You should take much care to prepare the area where you will perform the massage. It should be done in an environment where there is no outside disturbance. The night is an ideal time to prepare for it.

Do not restrict it to the genitals

You should not restrict this massage only to the genitals. Give proper attention to other areas like thighs, feet, arms, neck, and shoulders. This massage is very gentle among all the therapeutic massages.

Do use some oils

You should not forget to use massage oils while performing the strokes. It is recommended to use water soluble so that your bed sheets do not get spoiled. Doing it in dry will not give any pleasure.

As the last phase of your massage, both of you should concentrate on each other’s private parts. This includes the male partner doing the yoni massage while the female partner is doing the lingam massage. Both the partners should address the most sensitive areas of their genitals like clitoris, testicles etc.


The promotion of relaxation among couples and helping them to improve their sex life is the ultimate aim of tantric massage. It helps to clear the mind and heal your soul from within. The sexual energy is channelized in the proper direction through this massage. It helps to release your inhibitions and past traumas and give you new energy and perspective towards life altogether.

To obtain maximum benefits, you should get a relaxing massage in London from the best providers under a trained therapist. Because expert help is necessary to guide you in tantric massage.