How To Treat Your Partner With A Sensual Massage

Massage gives you ultimate relaxation and everyone look forward to undergoing massage to pamper their body and mind. It gives the energy to jumpstart your day and when it is done by your partner, it becomes pretty special for you as it brings eroticism into the whole affair. We provide sensual massage in Mayfair, London for couples and individuals to bring out the sensual side of their personality. Here we will tell you how to treat your partner with a sensual massage after a stressful day.

  • Creating the right mood

You must decide a place where you will conduct the massage and it does not necessarily to be your bedroom. Collect scented body oil, set the place with dimming lights and aromatic candles. Choose a playlist of your partner’s romantic songs and fill the bed with flower petals. A glass of red wine will be a good combination with all these. These all are enough to give your partner a pleasant surprise.

  • Wearing the right clothes

You should not wear your regular night clothes at this special moment. Instead, you should wear a robe and something transparent under it. Open your wardrobe and check for your sensual innerwear which will definitely drive your partner crazy.

  • Mastering the techniques

Even if you have no knowledge of how to administer massage, you can learn about them from the internet. The Shiatsu technique is a popular formula of massage which involves exerting pressure on the body by using your thumb in a circular direction. This you can apply to the entire body and it gives immense relaxation. You can learn other techniques as well from the internet. But without a foot massage, your session will be incomplete. You must include it in the last step of your session to double the happiness of your partner.

  • Learning to focus on the major areas

The main areas that you should concentrate while massaging your partner are the arms, stomach and the back. After that, you can slowly graduate to other neglected areas like the ears, soles of the feet, the backside of the knees, lower back part etc. The ears are an important sensual point. By softly squeezing the earlobes of your partner and by touching the lining of the ear, you can create much excitement in the body of your partner.

  • Introduce sensuality

Be creative while applying the strokes and try to make it as sensual as possible. You will be at your sensual best while doing the message to satisfy your partner. In between, you can apply several tricks like handcuffing or blindfolding your partner to kissing in all the places.

  • Do it slowly

You should perform the massage slowly so that your partner can enjoy each of the moment. First start with massaging on the chest, back, and the shoulders and then gravitate it to the highly sensitive zones. Around five to seven minutes of massage is recommended for these body parts to arouse your partner.

Why us

Doing the massage under a trained and experienced professionals like us will give you a better enjoyment. Our professionals know exactly how to address the vital sensitive areas of the body. Our tantric massage helps couples to experience better sexual arousal. We offer tantric massage in Paddington and its surrounding areas to benefit couples to rediscover their sensuality and reconnect with each other. Call us at 447-908-631-624 to book an appointment with us if you happen to be in London!