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9 Best Ways to Cope When Thinking ‘I Miss My Ex’

You’ve been there, staring at old photos or replaying memories in your mind, and you can’t help but whisper to yourself, “I miss my ex.” It’s like a weight on your chest that won’t lift.

But what if we told you it’s okay to feel this way towards your ex? Missing someone who was once a big part of your life is normal and something many of us go through after a breakup.

One vital fact worth knowing is that crying can be good for you in these times; it’s nature’s way of letting out those heavy emotions so they don’t stay trapped inside.

Our article will guide you through nine powerful steps to cope with the longing for an ex-partner. From self-care rituals to embracing new beginnings, these strategies are designed to ease the ache in your heart and bring back the sunshine into your life without your ex.

Ready for some relief and be free from the phrase ‘I miss my ex so much?‘ Keep reading – we’re here to help heal that hurt.

Key Takeaways

  • Missing your ex is a normal feeling and part of the healing process. You can express this through crying, talking, starting a date with someone new, or writing down your thoughts.
  • Self-care is critical to feeling better when missing your ex. This includes exercising, eating right, sleeping well, taking up hobbies, and surrounding yourself with friends and supportive people.
  • If you’re struggling a lot with missing your ex-partner, consider professional help like therapy to take the time to process your emotions and develop effective ways to manage them.
  • Letting go of the past is essential for moving on with your ex. Learn from the relationship, but stay open to new experiences and people who could bring you happiness.
  • Keep busy with activities that make you happy, such as sports, creative tasks or learning something new; these can distract from sadness and boost overall joy.

Understanding Your Feelings When You Miss Your Ex

Grasping the whirlwind of emotions you experience when you miss your ex is crucial; it’s about tuning into that ache and knowing it’s completely normal. You’re taking a pivotal step towards healing and finding peace by facing these feelings head-on.

Acknowledge and Accept Your Emotions

Missing your ex can make you feel many things—sadness, loneliness, maybe even anger. Having these feelings is okay; they show that what you had with your ex was real. Let yourself cry if you need to or shout into a pillow.

Feel the weight of your emotions without pushing them away. Bottling up your thoughts and feelings won’t help in healing.

After a breakup with an ex, expressing how much you miss their presence is part of moving on. Talk to a trusted friend or write about your feelings in a journal. This can be powerful and help clear your head.

Once you’ve let out these feelings, it’s easier to recognise that missing an ex is expected and then focus on taking care of yourself.

Recognise That It’s Natural to Miss Your Ex

It’s normal to miss an ex after a breakup. Your heart might feel heavy, and it can seem like you’ll never stop thinking about them. This happens because when two people share close times, their lives become very mixed up with each other’s.

You may remember the good times and feel sad they’re gone. But these feelings are a usual part of moving on from a past relationship with an ex.

Understand that feeling this way doesn’t mean you should get back together or that you haven’t grown since then. It means you care deeply for someone, and your mind needs time to unwind from all the memories and emotions attached to your ex.

Taking care of yourself is critical now; let those natural feelings come as they will without judging yourself too harshly. Now, consider how self-care can become your focus during this challenging time.

Focus on Self-Care and Improvement

In the throes of longing for an ex, turning the lens inward to nurture your growth and happiness can be a transformative endeavour. It’s time to put yourself centre-stage, not your ex, and actively pursue self-care practices that mould resilience and foster a renewed sense of fulfilment in your solo journey.

Prioritise Your Well-Being

Taking care of yourself is very important when you miss your ex. It would be best if you put your health and happiness first. Here’s how you can do that:

Engage in Activities That Bring You Joy

Missing your ex can be challenging. Doing things you love can help you feel better.

  • Find a hobby that makes you happy. It could be painting, playing a sport or even gardening. Spending time on hobbies helps take your mind off the sadness.
  • Get moving and stay active. Exercise boosts happiness and well-being by releasing pleasure-inducing brain chemicals. You could go for a run, join a dance class, or play football with friends.
  • Laugh more often. Watch funny films, go to a comedy club, or hang out with friends who make you smile.
  • Do something creative. Write stories, draw, or try crafting. Being creative helps express feelings in different ways.
  • Learn something new. It could be a language, an instrument, or how to cook a dish. Learning keeps your brain busy and can give you a sense of achievement.
  • Help others by volunteering. This can make you feel valued and increase your happiness.
  • Listen to music that lifts your spirits. Create a playlist of songs that revive good memories and sing along.
  • Spend time with animals if you enjoy their company. You could walk a dog, ride horses, or watch fish in an aquarium; animals have soothing hearts.
  • Go on adventures and travel to new places if you can. Seeing different parts of the world opens your mind to new experiences and fun times.

Integrating Tantric Massage into Your Healing Journey

Embrace the transformative power of tantric massage, a tool for physical pleasure and emotional rejuvenation. As you embark on this journey towards healing, let the ancient practice guide your path to self-discovery and inner peace.

Discovering the Emotional Healing Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage from Gold Tantric London can help you feel better when you miss your ex. It lets people touch parts of themselves that hold sadness and lets those feelings go. As you learn more about tantric massage, you see how it strengthens your emotions and eventually allows you to forget less about your ex.

You start to know yourself better. And the meditation you feel from this erotic experience will make you feel empowered.

With Gold Tantric London, using their type and massage techniques is a step towards healing your heart from your ex. It makes balancing emotions easier and teaches you to have kinder thoughts about yourself.

This special care leads to growing in good ways inside.

Embracing Tantric Techniques for Inner Harmony and Self-Discovery

Tantric massage offers a path to emotional healing, an experience of a lifetime, and taking it one step further, tantric techniques can unlock even more peace inside you. These erotic experiences help you explore what makes you happy and find balance after a tough breakup with an ex.

With the support of places like Gold Tantric London, you can learn about yourself in new ways. This journey isn’t just about feeling better—discovering who you are alone.

By using tantric methods for self-discovery, you might notice that life has other happy endings beyond past relationships. It’s like giving your heart a new start, where joy comes from within instead of depending on someone else.

Embrace these tools to build inner harmony and grow stronger as an individual. 

Surround Yourself with Support

Surround Yourself with Support: Diving into the loving embrace of your social circle can be a beacon of light in times of heartache. Don’t shy away from leaning on others; their understanding and compassion might be the pillars to steady yourself as you navigate through this emotional chapter.

Seek Comfort from Friends and Family

Missing your ex can feel challenging. Friends and family can be an excellent source of comfort.

  • Talk to someone who cares. Reach out to a friend or family member and share your feelings. They might have been through something similar and can offer understanding or advice.
  • Spend fun time together. Plan activities with loved ones, like watching a movie, walking, or cooking a meal together. This can help take your mind off things for a while.
  • Just be around others. Even if you don’t want to talk about the breakup, being in the company of people who make you feel safe can lift your spirits.
  • Ask for hugs if you like them. Physical comfort from hugs can calm you and make you feel less alone.
  • Let pets cheer you up. If friends or family have pets, cuddle with them! Animals give love freely and can make you smile.

Consider Therapy or Counseling

Feeling supported by friends and family is crucial. Sometimes, you may need extra help from a professional.

  • Think about seeing a therapist or counsellor. They know how to help people who miss their exes very much.
  • A trained therapist can teach you about different attachment styles. This helps you understand why you feel so strongly about your ex.
  • Counselling gives you a safe place to talk. You can share your feelings without fear of being judged.
  • Professional support can guide you through grief with tools and better coping methods.
  • A therapist can be there for you if the sadness feels too big. They help so it does not get too hard to handle.
  • Therapy helps build self-awareness. You’ll learn more about yourself and why the breakup hurts.
  • Counsellors encourage forgiveness, which can heal your heart after breaking up.
  • Working with a therapist gives you new skills for future romantic relationships.
  • A good counsellor builds your emotional intelligence, helping you manage feelings better.

Moving Forward and Letting Go

As you navigate the choppy waters of post-breakup emotions, finding your bearing requires a conscious effort to move forward and release the rope of past attachments. Letting go isn’t just an act but a commitment to yourself, opening doors to future joys no longer shadowed by what once was.

Embrace the End of the Relationship

Letting go of a past relationship can be challenging, but it’s an essential step in moving on. Think of it like closing a book you’ve finished reading; the story was meaningful, but now it’s time to put it away.

Say goodbye to what was and make space for new experiences in your life.

Focus on what you learned from your time together. Use this knowledge to grow stronger and wiser. Accept that some chapters end so that new ones can begin, full of fresh chances for love and happiness.

Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Stay Open to New Opportunities for Love and Happiness

Life keeps moving, and so should you. After a breakup, imagining being with someone else might be challenging. But the world is full of people who may share your values and interests.

Give yourself permission to meet new friends and explore potential romances when ready. You’ve learned a lot from your past relationship—use that knowledge to find more happiness in the future.

Your heart has excellent strength; let it heal at its own pace. As you do, keep an eye open for fresh chances at love. Saying yes to social invites or trying new hobbies can lead you down exciting paths where joy waits on the other side.

Take a deep breath and step into tomorrow with hope because growth and change are part of life’s journey.


You’ve learned nine powerful ways to deal with missing your ex. Remember, healing takes time, and it’s okay to feel sad. Put these steps into action and watch yourself grow stronger each day. Keep caring for yourself and stay open to new beginnings. You are not alone in this journey.

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