Erotic Massage Techniques You Must Try On Your Partner

As couples, you must be going strong and enjoying normal routine sex, yet sometimes it is necessary to try out a few methods to re-ignite the passion. It is necessary to keep alive the bedroom romance by way of some passionate and sensual massage to your partner. This is the best way to arouse each other and enjoy intimacy at a great level. If performed in a correct manner, it will extend the foreplay session and thus helps to build intense emotion between the couples. This helps both the partners to reach orgasm quickly and effortlessly. If you are expecting to receive an erotic massage in Mayfair, you must go to a registered and experienced massage center.

Following are some techniques through which you can perform the art of massaging your partner

  • Lighting is important to set the mood

Choose dimmer lights to decorate your bedroom for this special evening. The regular Fluorescent lights do not help to create the perfect mood. With this, you must add some scented candles to bring the right atmosphere. Never forget to use an odor which is a favorite with both of you before indulging in intimacy.

  • Let the music moves you

Instead of listening to your usual heavy metal or rock music, you can choose to play some soft instrumental music to set the tone. Soft music helps to relax both of you and will make the session very enjoyable.

  • Use oils

There are only a few selected massage oils that are designed for sensual massage. For example sandalwood oil, grape seed oil and rose oil you can use alternatively as per your choice. Knowing in advance about massage oils will prevent confusion and help you pick up the right oil.

  • Go slow with your message

Do not jump straight on the sensitive zone areas. You must massage slowly on your partner to allow her to charge up. Do it on her neck first and then graduate to other places like arms, upper back, lower back, and other areas. Keep your hands warm while doing the massage as massaging with cold hands is never appealing and enjoying.

You can opt for these techniques while performing sensual massage

  • Shiatsu Technique

Under this technique, you can move your thumb in a circular motion to exert pressure on the overall body of your partner. It should be performed in a gentle manner to make it more pleasant for your partner.

  • Kneading Technique

This is similar to squeezing your hands on your partner’s body. This helps to address the fleshy parts of the body like the butt and the things and will offer great relaxation to your partner. You can use your hands from top to bottom while doing this massage and release great sensation.

  • Compression Technique

This technique works well to massage the upper and lower back of your partner. Before starting a deeper massage, you can apply this technique. This involves the using of the palm in a circular way to put pressure in a flat direction on your partner.

  • Nuru Massage Technique

This technique talks about covering you and your partner in oil in a completely naked state. This is called a body to body contact massage which enables each of the partners to rub their bodies against each other. This promotes better intimacy among couples.

  • Genitalia Massage Technique

This technique is all about massaging the private parts of your partner. This includes massaging the clitoris, one of the most important zones of female arousal. If done in the right manner, it will set the mood right away. You can slowly address other areas including the breast nipples, chest and buttocks before entering the main part. Make a gentle stroke on her female part in an upward and downward motion. You can see your partner arousing completely with lubrication. Remember to use only your index and forefinger in this massage.

Enjoy these techniques when you are undergoing sensual tantric massage in Paddington, at a good quality massage center.