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Immerse yourself in a captivating journey of sensuality and inner exploration with Jessica, an extraordinary Spanish tantric massage therapist whose presence will ignite your senses.

Meet Jessica

With her striking blonde hair and alluring charm, Jessica exudes an irresistible aura of passion and warmth. Located in the vibrant district of Bayswater, she invites you to embark on a transformative experience that will leave you in a state of euphoria.

Jessica is not just a beautiful face; she possesses a deep understanding of the art of tantric massage. Her expert hands are adept at unlocking the hidden energies within your body, allowing them to flow freely and harmoniously. Through her intuitive touch and profound connection, she will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, awakening your senses and expanding your perception of pleasure.

Prepare to be transported to a realm where time stands still, as Jessica combines the principles of tantric massage with her own unique style and technique. Every stroke, every caress is meticulously orchestrated to create a symphony of bliss, releasing any tensions or inhibitions that may reside within you. Her presence is captivating, her touch is electrifying, and her energy is captivating.

Whether you seek a tantalizing tantric massage or an exhilarating Nuru massage experience, Jessica is well-versed in the art of both. She effortlessly blends the ancient wisdom of tantra with modern sensuality, creating an unforgettable fusion of pleasure and healing. Allow her to lead you on an odyssey of ecstasy and liberation, where boundaries fade away and your deepest desires come to life.

Indulge in the enchanting world of Jessica’s tantric massage expertise and surrender to the waves of pure bliss that await you. Immerse yourself in the moment as her hands glide over your body, awakening every inch of your being. With each breath, you will feel a renewed sense of vitality and a profound connection to your own inner essence.

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Jessica, your guide to an unparalleled tantric massage experience. Discover the transformative power of her touch and the magic that unfolds when you surrender to the depths of pleasure. Allow yourself to be captivated by her beauty, mesmerized by her skill, and transported to a realm of pure ecstasy.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and sensual awakening with Jessica, the embodiment of passion, beauty, and grace. Book your exquisite tantric massage session with Jessica today at Gold Tantric London and let her unleash the dormant desires that reside within you.


Time Incall Outcall
1 Hour 300 350
90 Mins 450 500
2 Hour 600 700
+1 Hour 300 350


  1. Muhammed Al Saed

    I am amazed about her professionalism and her patient. I had a two hour session of tantric massage, including aqua massage and everything was fantastic. Can’t wait to coming back again to London.

  2. Morgan

    Jessica has this vibe that’s just… wow. Walking into her session, I was stressed to the max, walked out feeling like I was floating. She’s got the magic hands, folks. Plus, her patience is something else. She’s attentive and all about making the experience yours. Top marks, Jessica!

  3. Jeremiad

    Simply amazing. I called for a tantric massage and they arrange me the session within minutes. Jessica was great

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Premium Masseuse

– 1-2 years of experience
– Training in our Tantric Academy in Mayfair
– Advanced Tantric Massage techniques


Elite Masseuse + £50

– Over 3 years of experience
– Advanced Training into our Tantric Academy in Mayfair
– Re-Energized Breathing Techniques – Experience Mindfulness
– Complimentary Head Massage


Gold Masseuse +£100

– Over 5 years of experience
– Extensive Training into our Tantric Academy in Mayfair
– Deeper Soul Connection Ritual
– Enlivened Breathing Techniques
– Gracefully Orgasmic Hugs
– Rewire Your Body Senses
– Oriental Head Massage
– Complimentary Assisted Shower
– 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Incall Policy

You will visit the therapist in a sparkling clean, serene ambience at their own private location

in Central London.

– Kindly be on time for your appointment.
– Shower upon arrival is required – perfect hygiene makes a perfect massage.
– Delays longer than 15 minutes will incur a penalty charge of £100.
– Failure to do so, your booking will be cancelled automatically,

*risking the possibility of ever making future bookings for Tantric Massage in London.


Outcall Policy

The therapist selected will visit you in the comfort of your hotel room or private residence in Central London.

– Kindly get ready for your appointment – perfect hygiene makes a perfect massage.
– Please arrange the travel expenses – taxi fare is not included.
– Cancellations upon arrival will incur a £100 charge.
– Failure to do so, your number will be reported, *risking the possibility of ever making future bookings for Tantric Massage in London.

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Why Choose Gold Tantric?

Welcome to Gold Tantric London, the premier destination for extraordinary tantric massages in the heart of London. Since our establishment in 2018, we have proudly gained a reputation as a leading massage agency, providing unparalleled experiences to individuals and couples. Our mission is to elevate your well-being and bring you to a state of profound relaxation and pleasure.

At Gold Tantric, we take great pride in our carefully selected team of exquisite and highly skilled masseuses. Each of them possesses a deep understanding of the diverse needs of our clients and is dedicated to crafting tailored tantric massage solutions that cater to your unique desires and preferences. With their expertise, you can be assured of an exceptional and deeply satisfying experience that transcends the ordinary.

To maintain our commitment to excellence, we only work with the best tantric massage therapists in the industry. Every masseuse is meticulously hand-picked and undergoes extensive training in the art of tantric massage at our prestigious Tantric Massage Training Academy in Mayfair. This ensures they possess the knowledge and proficiency to deliver the ultimate in luxurious tantric massages.

What sets us apart is the freedom we offer you to choose your preferred tantric masseuse from our exclusive gallery. Our talented professionals are highly experienced in providing pleasure and relaxation to both male and female bodies. With their intuitive touch, they guide you in paying attention to your body’s sensations, emotions, and erotic stimulations. Through their mastery, they skillfully awaken the core of your sensual energy, leading you to explore the profound depths of orgasmic sensations.

At Gold Tantric London, professionalism, friendliness, and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of our service. We believe in creating a safe and welcoming environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the transformative power of tantric massage. Our dedication to your satisfaction and well-being is unwavering, making each visit to our agency a memorable and gratifying experience.

Choose Gold Tantric London for an unforgettable journey into the realms of bliss and self-discovery. Let us be your guide on this sensual adventure, as we unlock the secrets of tantric massage and elevate your body, mind, and spirit to unprecedented heights of pleasure and harmony.

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