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Experience an Invigorating and Stimulating Body To Body Massage

The concept of massage evolved and got quite popular because of the tremendous benefits that came with it. Found to be one of the most effective ways of reducing emotional stress and physical tension, massage therapy has been in use ever since pre-historic times. A body to body massage in London is a relatively new concept but one that promises to be more fulfilling and gratifying than any other experience before.

What is body to body massage?

While the conventional method of massaging involves the lissom and graceful movement of the fingers and hands of the masseuse, in the session of a body to body massage in London, the masseuse uses her entire body to rub the fragrant and the therapeutic oil onto the body of the client. Unique and enticing, this kind of massage usually happens with the client and the masseuse both being completely naked. The warmth of the oil reaches crucial tensed points of the client’s body as the masseur sensuously and reassuringly massages with her body parts to ease off the tension and the aches. While the sensuousness of the activity cannot be denied, the objective is to clear off the energy pathways of the client’s body so that hassle and pressures of daily life and the associated emotional anxieties are vent out successfully. Once the curative part is delivered and taken care of, the masseuse starts to slide over the client’s body in a synchronized and well-coordinated manner to pamper and tantalize his senses to experience one of his most gripping climaxes. 

The ambiance and the elements are manouerved and fine-tuned to create a sensual atmosphere inside the room.  The purpose of the massage is relaxation of the body and the mind. With soft music and glowing candles in the background, the masseuse, her strokes and moves helps the client completely give in to an once-in-a-lifetime experience that is intense and enjoyable to the hilt.

Choosing the best body to body massage in London

Since this is a specialized massage service and is of sensitive nature too, it is vital that clients choose the best and the right massage service for experiencing ultimate pleasure and bliss. It is essential that the masseuse is well-trained and experienced in this realm of work and the service provider offers the perfect setting and backdrop for an intimate massage session. The oil that is used should also be of premium quality that comes with therapeutic benefits. It is a good idea to first interact on a casual note with the masseur before the start of the body to body massage in London so that the initial discomfort and hesitation can be done away with.

Experienced masseur will use her body and knowledge to help the client experience a diverse range of sensations. With great care, the body to body massage aims at opening up the closed channels for free flow of the essential life energy through the seven chakras in the body, nurturing it thoroughly to get back to its lively and energetic state once again.

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