Prostate Massage therapy

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Massage is not only about the relaxation of your body and mind but it is about a beautiful experience that helps you to get rid of all kinds of stress and tension in your life.

When you think of relaxation, what comes to your mind first? Massage, of course! It is one kind of bodywork that relaxes your muscles and releases tension.

Tantric massage London is an efficient way of reducing the blood pressure and relieving anxiety and stress. Close your eyes and think about getting a massage, and you will instantly start to experience a soothing feeling that often comes with relaxation therapies.

Prostate massage is also known as ‘The Sacred Spot’ Massage. Tantric philosophy views the male G-Spot as the man’s emotional sexual centre. Also, the body to body massage can be added to the massage.

How to massage the prostate

Massage is not only about the relaxation of your body and mind but it is about a beautiful experience that helps you to get rid of all kinds of stress and tension in your life.
Of course, the benefits of a prostate massage cannot be understated. Among the sensual pleasure that comes physically, there are indeed some medical benefits of full body massage and prostate massage. For example, with anyone struggling with painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, urine flow, and of course acts as a free prostate examination. There are indeed psychological benefits. 

Slow, light and gentle movements are applied to the prostate gland as it is very sensitive to touch. The gentle strokes provide an intense sensual pleasure, culminating in the most explosive happy ending - this will definitely make you happier.
Prostate massage therapy involves using a lubricated finger (with gloves on) or a specialized tool for stimulating the prostate gland carefully. This is achieved by applying gentle pressure to the interior and surrounding tissues of the prostate.

Prostate Massage – a pleasurable experience

Our professional masseuses are carefully selected and highly trained to provide you one of our luxurious massage service and the best Tantric Massage London has to offer.
A prostate massage is one of the most relieving massages we offer. With the help of a professional masseuse, you can be taken on the sensual ride of a lifetime that you can be sure you will never forget. The tantric masseuse will introduce you into a new world, full of happiness and joy!

Prostate massage is sensual, pleasurable, and great for the health of the prostate and as a way to prevent prostate cancer. 
Prostate massage can be a powerful experience for any man, however, the giver of the prostate massage needs to be aware of certain important aspects of that experience.

Health benefits of prostate massage

A prostate massage once every month is a healthy routine for those with a healthy and functional prostate. On the other hand, those with swollen prostate could make use of a prostate massage once a week to help minimize the swelling, as well as improve one’s urinary function and sexual performance.

Only a limited number of studies have proved the medicinal and therapeutic properties of prostate arousal. But, some statistics show that it has great potential to help people with their prostate-related health issues. 

Some of its well-known benefits are:

  • Regulates normal functioning of prostate
  • Clearing the prostatic duct
  • Creating fluid secretion
  • Reducing symptoms of ED
  • Managing symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Creating intense sexual stimulation
  • Improves erection

Prostate massage is a well-known tactic for its potent therapeutic and medical properties. Therefore, who wouldn't like to enjoy all the benefits of prostate massage?

Gold Tantric Massage London is proud to be one of London’s most prestigious sensual massage agencies. We offer the best massage services available in London at the best prices.
Prostate massage stimulates the prostate with intention of relaxation and pleasure. You can start your expedition to a spiritual and physical harmony, so we invite you to experience the touch of our alluring masseuses.

We aim for complete client relaxation and we are proud of all our perfect ladies which are trained, high skilled and passionate about their profession, ensuring your session will be unique and unforgettable. This can be a sublime way for men, women and couples to explore their lives, to let themselves lost in a deeper level and to release their desires.

Contact us if you want to enjoy all the benefits of prostate massage London!


Call us today at 07908631324 and book your special aqua massage session!



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